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A fan site dedicated to, but NOT officially associated with, the celebrated Mr. K. Here you can listen to (and download) incredible performances, most unreleased - including rare videos - from one of the world's finest improvisational guitarists. Have something to share? Leave a comment.


Guitar Player Magazine - February, 2014

The February 2014 issue of Guitar Player Magazine features an interview with everybody's favorite Henry, as he discusses his preferences for time and sound shifting delays, modulators, loopers and boxes of all ilks. Not to mention his guitar and amp collections. Read the article below (just click each page for a pop-up enlargement), or click HERE to download a .pdf of the article.

HENRY KAISER's Square-Wave Looping Strategies (2014)

From the editors of Guitar Player Magazine, Henry Kaiser describes and demonstrates his signature looping technique, which he calls the "Square Wave Modulation of the Clock Rate of Long Delay Times." Yeah… we didn't know what it meant either. But, it's a technique HK originally developed in the 70s, which he demonstrates in this 20 minute video. At first, as HK shows how it's all set up, it sounds like only so much noise. But when he fully demonstrates the application of the technique, the "noise" magically turns into HK's familiar sounding style, and it's pretty amazing to see how he makes it all work. Be sure to upgrade the "settings" option in the bottom right for the best video quality.

HENRY KAISER'S Dozen Oddball Guitars (2014)

From the editors of Guitar Player Magazine, Henry Kaiser introduces some of his collection's most unusual guitars, while sharing some of his amazing personal history with people, places and things, in this nearly 30 minute video, Henry Kaiser's Dozen Oddball Guitars. Be sure to upgrade the "settings" option in the bottom right for the best video quality.

HENRY KAISER Live At The Great American Music Hall (1990) - Unreleased

Henry Kaiser and friends live at San Francisco's Great American Music Hall, January 7th, 1990. An invigorated set featuring the great Glenn Phillips on guitar and pals Steve Kimock and Greg Gumble sitting in. This show was recorded while Kaiser and Phillips were in the process of making the album, Guitar Party, which would take nearly 13 years to get released. This show's set list closely resembles that disc's track list - which features covers from numerous Bay Area psych bands, including The Dead ("Dark Star"), Quicksilver ("Cobra"), Jefferson Airplane ("The Other Side Of This Life"), as well as Hendrix ("If 6 Were 9"), The Byrds ("If You're Gone") and Dylan ("Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues,""Won't You Please Crawl Out Your Window?"). Drummer Mark McQuade Crawford is especially animated in this rough and tumble set, highlighted by a 15 minute take on Neil Young's "Cortez The Killer," below.

Blue Moose (7:26)
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (6:13)
I'm Not Crying (3:53)
Dark Star > (12:08)
If 6 Were 9 > (7:18)
Jam (5:09)
If You're Gone (4:21)#
Pacific Ocean Blues (4:04)#
Instrumental (5:36)
Cobra (6:16)
Sally Go 'Round The Roses (5:51)^
Lenore (7:03)
Jam > (4:11)*#
Cortez The Killer (15:32)*#
Won't You Please Crawl Out Your Window? (6:11)
The Other Side Of This Life (13:04)*#

Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Glenn Phillips (guitar
Gary Lambert (bass, vocals)
Mark McQuade Crawford (drums)

plus guests:

Steve Kimock (guitar)*
Greg Gumble (guitar, vocals)#
The Sundials (vocals)^


HENRY KAISER'S GROOVES OF MYSTERY Live At Club Muse (2002) - Unreleased

Two sets and some abbreviated soundcheck material captured live at Club Muse in Albany, CA, May 24th, 2002. Features some extended workouts on Kaiser favorites like "The Fishin' Hole," "Play With Fire" and "Red Hills Of Rwanda," alongside some choice covers like Zappa's "Watermelon In Easter Hay" and Miles' "Ife." The Grooves of Mystery include Henry Kaiser (guitar), John Hanes (drums
), Dave Jess (bass) & Casey (K.C.) Filson (keyboards). Scott Colby sits in on slide guitar for some numbers and the great Freddie Roulette, a cohort in Kaiser's Psychedelic Guitar Circus, comes on board for the second set. Hear Henry's bluesy warm up, below.

The Same Thing (2:27)*
Obligatory Blues (3:06)*
Cardova (4:01)*

(Unknown 1) (6:18)
West Coast Salegy (7:25)
The Fishin' Hole (9:23)*
Cardova (6:22)*
Obligatory Blues (5:11)*
Play With Fire (11:24)*
A Good Talking To (3:32)*
(Banter) (0:54)
Watermelon In Easter Hay (7:23)*
Red Hills Of Rwanda (9:31)*
The Same Thing > (8:17)
I'm So Glad (6:47)

(Unknown 2) (7:19)
Right Off (12:06)
Sleepwalk (4:34)
Palace Of Love Theme (9:31)
(Unknown 3) (4:36)
Ife (10:21)
(Unknown 4) (7:22)

Henry Kaiser (guitar)
John Hanes (drums
Dave Jess (bass)
Casey (K.C.) Filson (keyboard)

plus guests:

*Scott Colby (slide guitar)

Freddie Roulette (pedal steel guitar - 2nd set only)


HENRY KAISER'S GROOVES OF MYSTERY Live At Ashkenaz (2005) - Unreleased

Henry Kaiser's Grooves of Mystery, live at the Ashnenaz Community Center in Berkeley, CA, January 27th, 2005. The Grooves of Mystery this night are Henry Kaiser (guitar & vocals)
, Joe Rut (guitar & vocals), Cary Sheldon (vocals), Dave Jess (bass & vocals) and John Hanes (drums
). Sitting in is the great Barry "The Fish" Melton, from Country Joe and The Fish on guitar.

Don't Let A Thief Steal Into Your Heart (8:43)
Mojo Navigator (8:30)
Wade In The Water > Magma (8:58)
Get Up Jake (5:47)
Third Degree (8:50)
Ode To Billy Joe > Dave's Thang > Lenore (12:59)
Well Well Well > Palace Of Love Theme > Well Well Well (10:55)
Babylon (7:31)
Play With Fire (7:06)
Poor Poor Pitiful Me > West Coast Salegy > (7:40)
It's All Too Much (6:51)

Season Of The Witch (14:16)
Spill The Wine (11:18)
Jesse James (6:05)
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (6:39)
The Dance > (13:33)
Butcher's Boy (10:21)
Encore: Kevin Barry (2:40)

Henry Kaiser (guitar & vocals)

Joe Rut (guitar & vocals)
Cary Sheldon (vocals)
Dave Jess (bass & vocals)
John Hanes (drums

plus guests:

Barry "The Fish" Melton (guitar & vocals)
Simon Hanes (John's 13 year-old son, guitar)


HENRY KAISER Up Close And Personal With Seal Pup (2012)
Seal Pup Goes for a Swim (2012) - Video & Music By Henry Kaiser

Henry Kaiser combines his two great passions, arctic diving and improvisational guitar, in these two beautiful videos, featuring Henry's personal interactions with a Weddell Seal Pup in late 2012.

Up Close And Personal With Seal Pup (2012)
Music and Video by Henry Kaiser
That irrepressible Weddell Seal Pup from Seal Pup Goes For A Swim is back. This time he joins Henry Kaiser with his video camera and guitar, and Rob Robbins with a still camera, for some under the ice fun diving. Up very close and very personal. Wish you were here... HK

Seal Pup Goes For A Swim (2012)
Music and Video by Henry Kaiser
A Weddell Seal pup goes for a swim with his mom. Shot at Turtle Rock, McMurdo Sound, Ross Sea, Antarctica.

The music heard in Seal Pup Goes For A Swim comes from Henry Kaiser's 2012 album, No Trouble With The Tromba.

HENRY KAISER "I Forget" from The $100 Guitar Project (2013)

A nifty project spearheaded by Nick Didkovsky and Chuck O'Meara, when they purchased a no-name electric guitar online for $100. They came up with the brainstorm of getting a bunch of their cool buddies (64 players on 69 tracks) to take the guitar, compose and record something with it, so they could compile this 2CD collection of off-the-beaten-path creativity. Everyone who came on board had a week with the guitar before they sent it on to the next player. As a result, the axe traveled "all over the USA, including Hawaii, and to western Europe." The list of players is a who's who in the improv/avant community, including the likes of Nels Cline, Rhys Chatham, Mike Keneally, Fred Frith, Elliott Sharp and too many others to mention here. But, since 100% of the artist's royalties (and some record company money) are being donated to CARE, a world hunger organization, you're only getting a taste here... the very cool contribution from Henry Kaiser, entitled, "I Forget." Find The $100 Guitar Project at Amazon (see the complete track list, here) and hear Henry Kaiser on a $100 guitar, below.

"I Forget" (2:53)
Henry Kaiser (guitar)


HENRY KAISER "Delirium" b/w "Homesickness" 7" (1993)

Cool 7" single released by Henry Kaiser on the Table of Elements label. "Delirium" b/w "Homesickness" (Table Of The Elements Ne 10, 1993) is Volume 1 of the label's Guitar Series, limited to 1,000 copies pressed on white vinyl. Hear both tracks below.

A - Delirium (2:49)

B - Homesickness (2:49)

Henry Kaiser (guitar)


HENRY KAISER & KILLICK HINDS Nikola Tesla High School (2012)

Cool, free-form collaboration between guitarists Henry Kaiser and Killick Hinds, ranging from plucky, hunt and peck interplay ("arc") to metallic sheets of raging sound ("hark") to scratchy exercises in random noisemaking ("lark"). The album's centerpiece is the the 29 minute "Lamarck," an extreme meshing of sensibilities that takes on a life of its own. Unlike most noise oriented con-fabs, the guitar work on Nikola Tesla High School exudes an abundance of personality and flavor, as the duo seem to delight in the improvisational interaction and inexplicable back-and-forth, ping-ponging sounds and pure gonzo expression. Killick Hinds is no newcomer, as his Bandcamp page illustrates. You can find an unbelievable number of name-your-price releases (meaning free, if you're the unappreciative sort) filled with pure-bred strangeness from Hinds, his collaborative pals and occasional band configurations (Pocketful Of Claptonite, Crazy Hoarse), not to mention 33 Volumes (count 'em) of Rollicking Liveness. The titles are as much fun as the music, featuring tons of puns and cultural nods; "I Wish My Brother George Was Interviewed," "John Cage Match," Ginger Baker Did Everything Eric Clapton Did, But Backwards And In High Heels. If you're into the unexpected, you'll spend weeks taking in the varied sounds and ideas. Visit Hinds at Bandcamp, Facebook and YouTube, among other places. Get a hard copy of Nikola Tesla High School at Amazon.

quark (8:33)
arc (4:12)
hark (7:02)
lark (3:49)
Lamarck (29:21)
question mark (4:16)
spark (9:57)
embark (3:11)

Killick Hinds (guitar)
Henry Kaiser (guitar)


THE HENRY KAISER QUARTET Live At The Boom Boom Room (2005) -Unreleased

The debut live show (of this line up) of The Henry Kaiser Quartet, captured in 2005 opening for Mike Keneally, a long time Kaiser cohort. An hour long show capped by an epic space jam that morphs into Pink Floyd's "Interstellar Overdrive."

Jam (9:43)
"We're The Henry Kaiser Quartet" (0:50)
Blind Willie (8:19)
"Nothing Is As You Left It" (1:08)
Was Anyone Seen In The Area? (6:45)
Demerol (10:43)
"How About D?" (0:50)
Well Well Well (10:52)
"Oh No! Not The Dreaded Chords" (1:04)
Jam > Interstellar Overdrive (14:19)

Scott Johnson (drums)
Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Joe Rut (guitar, vocal)
Allen Whitman (bass)
Phil Kellogg (vocal on "Demerol")


THE HENRY KAISER BAND Dark Star: Live At The Palms, 1989 - Unreleased

Another incredible version of the epic space excursion, "Dark Star," as performed by The Henry Kaiser Band in 1989. Over 45 minutes of sheer experimentation wrapped around the framework of The Grateful Dead's classic melody line. Where the band takes off after that lilting guitar head is anybody's guess, and HKB never disappoints. Hear all 45 minutes below before you download. Outstanding quality. Enjoy.

Dark Star (45:44)

Bruce Anderson (guitar, vocal)
Tom Constanten (keyboards, vocal)
Hilary Hanes (bass, vocal)
John Hanes (drums)
Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Cary Sheldon (vocal)


HENRY KAISER Fleck Electric (2012)

Henry Kaiser having psychedelic blues-rock fun with his Fleck Electric. Ash body, Mahogany neck, Morado fretboard, stainless steel wire, 25.5 scale, Seymour Duncan Alnico2 Pros to a 5 position switch with a bridge hum neck split in the 4 position and a bridge split in the 5 position. (11:21)

HENRY KAISER Tributes, Vol. 1 (2008)

Tributes, Vol. 1 is an 80 minute collection of rare tracks from Henry Kaiser (and his pals) that have surfaced on numerous tribute releases and various artists collections over the years. For you fanatics, you'll also find a handful of unreleased rarities you'd be lucky to find anywhere - including an unissued Sonny Sharrock tribute and an incredible, previously unheard Henry Kaiser Quartet version of the Grateful Dead's "Blues For Allah." This gathering is rich with goodness... including collaborations with Steve Kimock, Greg Goodman and The Maile Serenaders. Along the way, Kaiser tackles a typically disparate variety of covers (Neil Young, The Pinder Family, the Stones). "Dark Star," from Tom Constanten's 1992 Nightfall of Diamonds LP is a standout, as is HK's contribution to Full Moon Fair's 1993 cover of Richard Thompson's "Night Comes In," which you can hear below.
HENRY KAISER Tribute To The TECH 21 Comptortion Pedal (1:25)
(Unreleased) Guitar Effects Pedal Tribute album, 2005
THE HENRY KAISER QUARTET Blues For Allah (15:34)
(Unreleased) Henry Kaiser Quartet album, 1990
FULL MOON FAIR Night Comes In (9:31)
V/A The World Is a Wonderful Place: The Songs of Richard Thompson, 1993
TOM CONSTANTEN Dark Star (18:15)
Nightfall of Diamonds, 1992
V/A Out On The Rolling Sea: A Tribute To Joseph Spence And The Pinder Family, 1994
HENRY KAISER The Needle And The Damage Done/Tonight's The Night (5:55)
V/A The Bridge: A Tribute To Neil Young, 1989
(Unreleased) Sonny Sharrock Tribute, 1997
THE MAILE SERENADERS Po La'i E (Silent Night) (2:58)
V/A All Through The Year - The Second Hokey Pokey Charity Compilation, 1991
THE HENRY KAISER BAND Play With Fire (10:23)
V/A Stoned Again: A Tribute To The Rolling Stones, 1990


HENRY KAISER Tributes, Vol. 2 (2008)

More rarities from Henry Kaiser spread across many tribute and various artists collections. Also, some choice unreleased nuggets, including an unissued live track from Henry Kaiser's Grooves Of Mystery, a previously unreleased Henry Kaiser Quartet cover of Captain Beefheart's "Alice In Blunderland" (hear it below) and an unreleased Plunderphonics outtake duo with John Oswald. A lot of cool friends and performances, too. You can imagine a fusion of Steely Dan and Mahavishnu Orchestra on "Dance Of The King Of The World of Maya" by HK & PegLeg (Scott Colby, Allen Whitman, John Hanes). There's a Richard Thompson cover by Crazy Backwards Alphabet (HK, John French, Michael Maksymenko, Andy West), and a collaboration with John Schott for The John Fahey Tribute Album. Some of HK's best, if obscure, work.

  V/A If 6 Was 9 - A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix, 1990
  HENRY KAISER & PEGLEG Dance Of The King Of The World Of Maya (8:03)
  V/A Beyond The Sea, 2005
  V/A Infinite Summer of Love, 1994
  HENRY KAISER & JOHN SCHOTT Steamboat Gwine 'Round The Bend (7:10)
  V/A The Revenge of Blind Joe Death: The John Fahey Tribute Album, 2006
  V/A Circle Dance: The Hokey Pokey Charity Compilation, 1993
  HENRY KAISER Ahoy Sonny! (3:49)
  V/A Secular Steel, 2004
  TOM CONSTANTEN Goin' Home (9:12)
  Nightfall of Diamonds, 1992
  V/A The Bridge: A Tribute To Neil Young, 1989
  HENRY KAISER'S GROOVES OF MYSTERY The Same Thing/I'm So Glad (14:29)
  (Unreleased) Live, 2004
JOHN OSWALD/HENRY KAISER One Red Rose In Flash Gordon's Dishpan (1:49)
  (Unreleased) Plunderphonics outtake, 1989
THE HENRY KAISER QUARTET Alice In Blunderland (3:52)
(Unreleased) Henry Kaiser Quartet album, 1990 

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