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HENRY KAISER & KILLICK HINDS Xenosynchronicity II (2016)

Xenosynchronicity II from Henry Kaiser and Killick Hinds, their second meeting of the minds and fingers. You can still find their first, 2012's Nikola Tesla High School (HERE) in the archives. Hear the duo's latest collaboration below, and/or score a download from the Bandcamp player (on a name you price basis: meaning free, if you're that type). Here's the scoop on the new album, straight from Killick himself... "Four years since our last duo album, Henry Kaiser and I have each been quite prolific with our individual musical output during this interval. Filled with tons of inspiration to share, the stars aligned for us to work together again; we agreed we should not make Nikola Tesla High School 2. (Though we both love "1.") So the Etch-A-Sketch was shaken empty, and a process developed to guide us through uncharted multiverses. Powered by kombucha and homemade quesadillas we played prismatic textures and moods, reflecting unabashed (ir)reverence for the styles and stylings of the greats, and for the guitar itself, simply strings tensioned across a board, but so, so much more. This was a very fun session sparklingly translated to 1s and 0s by our ears and heart Sandor. Please enjoy and thanks for listening."

small and previously unacknowledged (6:11)
i saw it with my own four hands (4:52)
our landlocked lady of plexico (5:12)
harmelodic oversauce (4:12)
many moons a go-go (7:16)
xenosynchronicity II (3:51)
one atom time (3:19)
i'm with stupendous (5:13)
angler quails (4:30)
xenosynchronicity I (4:10)
blink page (2:09)
still with dots (1:25)

Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Killick Hinds (guitar)


Two tracks, nearly 60 minutes, of subtle, investigative improv, as three players quietly tip-toe around each other in a dance of delicate interplay. Recorded in Moscow on September 20, 2014, when Henry Kaiser visited Russia to play the Apozitsiya 10 Festival. Here, HK is joined by Anton Ponomarev (sax) and Konstantin Suhan (pipes). There's more info at Bandcamp (HERE), where these recordings first surfaced in Feb, 2015, but you'll need to brush up on your Russian to read and understand any of it. Listen to it all below, or download it from Bandcamp in FLAC, WAV or MP3 on a name-your-price basis... which means free if you're the non-supportive type (just enter 0 when prompted). Mesmerizingly entertaining.

Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Anton Ponomarev (baritone saxophone)
Konstantin Suhan (pipes)

HENRY KAISER Nearly Extinct (2016) - New Release Sample

New 2016 CD release from Henry Kaiser and friends, Steve Parker, Damon Smith & Chris Cogburn. The title and artwork of Nearly Extinct refers to languages or methods of improvisation that are either no longer practiced or deemed by some to be "out of style.” The music draws from these traditions, and recombines them in new and kaleidoscopic ways. The various methodologies represented on the CD’s cover map have been studied and grokked by all members of the ensemble, resulting in an improvisational paella of extraordinary juxtapositions and combinations of ideas and sounds - with a wider range than is usually heard in contemporary 21st century free improvisation. Recorded April 3rd, 2015 at Congress House Studio. Hear a sample from the album, "Broome Pearling," below. Get a hard copy at Amazon, HERE.

Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Steve Parker (trombone)
Damon Smith (amplified double bass)
Chris Cogburn (drums and percussion)

HENRY KAISER Music Of The Seals (2014) Live Video Performance & Career Retrospective

In this awe-inspiring talk, diver-musician-filmmaker Henry Kaiser takes us into the fantastical world underneath the ice in Antarctica. Watch as Kaiser follows two seals on a scientific dive, and plays for us the most unique music inspired by the rhythms of the ocean. Courtesy of

THE HENRY KAISER BAND Another Heart's Desire (1989) -Unreleased

The extremely rare and unreleased follow-up to The Henry Kaiser Band's 1990 live album, Heart's Desire. Recorded during the same October 21-22, 1989 shows that spawned the original release. Most of this material has never been released in any form and has been absent from trading circles. Their loss, your gain. Fans already know what to expect from HKB live... plenty of twisted material and daring musical choices. Those familiar with Kaiser's studio album, Those Who Know History Are Doomed To Repeat It, will recognize the time frame of these recordings, which includes another irresistible 33 minutes of Kaiser's favored outer space expedition, "Dark Star." Likewise, the 24 minute "Play With Fire" uses The Rolling Stones' hit as a vehicle to ramble, unbound, into the heart of improvisation. HKB's extended take on Bobbie Gentry's "Ode To Billy Joe" (which opens with a Magic Band riff) might be recognizable to those who coveted the vinyl version of Heart's Desire (as the song was edged out of the shortened, out of print CD issue). With a few short stabs, like the eccentric choice of a 1962 Lee Marvin movie theme song and nearly 70 minutes spread over only 3 jams, you'll hear the duel essence of The Henry Kaiser Band. Maybe this will be part of a 2CD Heart's Desire re-issue some day.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (4:17)
Play With Fire (24:01)
Ode To Billy Joe (10:22)
' In My Beer (3:07)
Dark Star > River's Edge (33:02)

Bruce Anderson
(guitar, vocal)
Tom Constanten (keyboards, vocal)
Hilary Hanes (bass, vocal)
John Hanes (drums)
Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Cary Sheldon (vocal)


HENRY KAISER, MICHAEL MANRING & THE MERMEN Live At Don Quixote's International Music Hall, November 8, 2014 - Unreleased

Excellent unreleased live performance by Henry Kaiser, Michael Manring and members of The Mermen, guitarist Jim Thomas and drummer Martyn Jones. This 2 hour, 45 minute performance is routinely billed as The Mermen with HK & MM, but in reality - despite their illustrious surf/psychedelic roots - Kaiser is the ringleader here. The Mermen have rarely, if ever, trafficked in the music of the Grateful Dead (there's a lot of Dead material here) and the song selection is a virtual recap of Kaiser's live performance career, including his well-known affinity for improvisational vehicles like "Dark Star," "Cortez The Killer," "Ode To Billie Joe," The Fishin' Hole" and "Interstellar Overdrive," as well as the music of Hendrix, Richard Thompson and Pink Floyd. So it's only fitting that we've decided to bestow top billing on HK, though the guitar duties are righteously shared with Merman Jim Thomas, whose patented psych/surf edge rings loud and clear, especially during the night's most obvious multi-level tribute, Hendrix's "1983... (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)." All instrumental, all covers and, reportedly, performed with no rehearsals, Live At Don Quixote's International Music Hall - November 8, 2014 is a psych/improv delight. Great sound throughout, though the quiet, 20-minute intro is a tad audience noisy (be patient). This show was heroically (and painstakingly) compiled by -M- using multiple sources, including his own, which he posted at The Internet Archive, for which we are indebted. The 2 sets are divided into 3 discs @320.

Intro Jam > (20:50)
Dark Star > (15:55)
Night Comes In > (6:05)
Cortez The Killer > (8:12)
Spanish Jam > (3:52)
Bass Solo > (6:25)
St. Stephen > (3:28)
Dark Star > (5:59)
The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) > (2:33)
Dark Star > (6:23)
I'm So Glad (6:34)

Intro Jam > (9:16)
Cobra > (8:12)
Albatross > (4:55)
Ode To Billie Joe (15:05)
Morning Dew (6:53)
1983... (A Merman I Should Turn To Be) > (12:04)
The Fishin' Hole (7:48)
Third Stone From The Sun > (9:55)
Interstellar Overdrive (7:35)

Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Jim Thomas (guitar)
Michael Manring (bass)
Martyn Jones (drums)


HENRY KAISER - MICHAEL MANRING - SCOTT AMENDOLA 19 Minutes 36 Seconds At Duende - June 6, 2014 (Live Video) - Unreleased

Henry Kaiser, Michael Manring and Scott Amendola live at Duende in Oakland, California, June 6th, 2014. The trio improvises for nearly 20 minutes, culminating with a jam on Frank Zappa's "Outside Now." Grab an MP3 of the above video, below. Thanks to Barry Cleveland, who appeared on The $100 Guitar Project (as did Henry, HERE) for posting this.

Henry Kaiser
Michael Manring (bass) 

Scott Amendola (drums)


HENRY KAISER & RAY RUSSELL The Celestial Squid (Bonus Tracks, 2014) + Two Promo Videos

Bonus tracks from the sessions for the February 3rd, 2015 Cuneiform CD release, The Celestial Squid, by Henry Kaiser & Ray Russell. Two fantastic improvisation jams with an all- star line-up... Michael Manring, Weasel Walter, Damon Smith, three saxes, two drummers and no limits. Generously available from Bandcamp on a name-your-price basis, HERE. Recorded April 12, 2014 at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA. Listen to "In Another Improv" (7:37) and "Ashen Faced Mortals" (3:44), below. Find the duo's full CD, The Celestial Squid, at Amazon, HERE, or purchase it digitally (in multiple formats) from the Bandcamp player at the bottom of this post.

Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Ray Russell (guitar)
Steve Adams (saxophones)
Aram Shelton (saxophones)
Joshua Allen (tenor saxophone)
Phillip Greenlief (saxophones)
Michael Manring (bass guitar)
Damon Smith (contrabass)
Weasel Walter (drums)
William Winant (drums)

Very cool promo video for The Celestial Squid

The official video for The Celestial Squid's "Victims"

THE PSYCHEDELIC GUITAR CIRCUS Live At The Mystic Theatre - February 26, 1993 - Unreleased

Recorded live at The Mystic Theatre in Petaluma, California, February 26, 1993. Tons of cool, extended 10-16 minute guitar workouts. The video below is only one part of a pro-shot, 10-part series of videos that recently appeared over at YouTube, beautifully capturing most of the Mystic performances. Go to YouTube to view them all, HERE.

Henry Kaiser
 (electric guitar)
Steve Kimock (electric guitar)
Harvey Mandel (electric guitar)
Freddy Roulette (lap steel guitar, vocals)
Bobby Vega (bass)
Chip Roland (organ)
Ernest Carter

Fake Xero (16:47)
It's Up To You (16:35)
Lucille (9:34)
So Go Away (6:06)
Sleepwalk (6:24)
The Thrill Is Gone (11:32)
Sandman (12:41)
Berm (11:22)
Killing Floor (8:24)
Snake Theme (6:02)
The Snake (6:55)
Wade In The Water (11:59)
Same Ol' Blues (8:01)
Spoonful (16:07)
Chicken Shack (11:15)
Cissy Strut (18:42)


THE PSYCHEDELIC GUITAR CIRCUS Live At The Great American Music Hall - August 1, 1993 - Unreleased

Recorded live at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, California, August 1, 1993. The line-up here mirrors the original Psychedelic Guitar Circus ensemble heard on the 1994 CD release, Psychedelic Guitar Circus, available at Amazon HERE.

Henry Kaiser
 (electric guitar)
Steve Kimock
 (electric guitar)
Harvey Mandel
 (electric guitar)
Freddy Roulette (lap steel guitar, vocals)
Bob Bralove (keys)
Bobby Vega (bass) 

John Haynes (drums)

Intro > (2:03)
Dark Star > (16:43)
Fake Xero (12:06)
West Coast Salergy (8:19)
Mizrab > India (12:42)
Blues For Sun Ra > (8:04)
Instellar Overdrive (3:14)
Skil Trik (6:09)
The Serpent (6:22)
On Broadway (7:43)
Crosscut Saw (7:40)
She Caught The Katy (4:21)
Norwegian Wood (5:01)
Teardrop (5:40)
It's Up To You (13:20)
Jumpin' At The Shadows (7:24)
Up From The Skies (8:17)
Killing Floor (7:10)
Wade In The Water (12:41)


HENRY KAISER Requiem For U. Shrinivas (September, 2014)

Henry Kaiser, live on a rooftop balcony in St. Petersburg, Russia, performing an improvised requiem for musician Uppalapu Mandolin Shrinivas, a trailblazing Indian composer and performer whose music has been championed all over the world by the likes of George Harrison, John McLaughlin, Nana Vasconcelos and countless others. The 45 year-old virtuoso mandolin player passed away the day before this taping, prompting Henry's gorgeous improvised tribute, recorded Sept. 20, 2014. Read about U. Shrinivas, and his impact on Southern India's Carnatic musical tradition, at Wiki, HERE.

Live, Love, Larf & Loaf (1987) + Invisible Means (1990)

A strange and unusual supergroup, comprised of John French (Captain Beefheart's Magic Band), Fred Frith (Henry Cow, Massacre, Skeleton Crew), Henry Kaiser (Yo Miles! & hundreds of albums) and Richard Thompson (Fairport Convention). On paper, the union seems unusual, two Brits and two Yanks in a stylistic free-for-all that incorporates the varying characteristics and obsessions of all four individual players. But in reality, these players have crossed paths numerous times over the years, in countless configurations.

Live, Love, Larf & Loaf's "DrumBo Ogie" and "The Same Thing" (a Willie Dixon cover) are CD additions to the original LP release, which, if you're to believe the liner notes, was "previously issued in Borneo, Sumatra and certain Asian territories under the title: Dead Man's Gloom." Invisible Means was produced by Kaiser.

We also have a 1987 unreleased live set from this brief con-fab, entitled Live, Live, Live & Live (HERE). Listen to a couple of Kaiser's compositional contributions to Live, Love, Larf & Loaf and Invisible Means, below, while his guitar playing shines throughout.

Wings À La Mode (Adams/French) (2:42)
Killerman Gold Posse (Thompson) (1:46)
Where's The Money? (Frith) (3:52)
Hai Sai Oji-San (Kina) (2:43)
Drowned Dog Black Night (Thompson) (6:49)
Surfin' USA (Berry) (2:18)
DrumBo ogie (French) (5:03)
A Blind Step Away (Thompson) (5:39)
The Second Time (French/Frith) (3:06)
Tir-Nan-Darag (Kaiser/Thompson) (5:24)
Disposable Thoughts (French) (2:56)
Bird In God's Garden/Lost And Found (Archuletta) (5:43)
The Same Thing (Thompson) (6:57)

Peppermint Rock (Thompson) (3:39)
To The Rain (French) (4:49)
Lizards Tail (Frith) (4:21)
March Of The Cosmetic Surgeons (Thompson) (5:14)
Act I, Scene 2: The clinic of Dr. Krikstein. On a podium, center, Mrs. Ripstock-Geddes is posing as Aphrodite, complete with water jug. Enter left Dr. Krikstein, followed by his students, marching Indian file to the rhythm of the music.
Suzanne (French) (2:58)
Quick Sign (Frith) (3:42)
Begging Bowl (Thompson) (3:22)
Kalo Takariva - Requiem For Maurice Halison (Kaiser) (1:21)
Invisible Means (Adams/French) (5:01)
Loch Lomand (traditional) (4:46)
The Book Of Lost Dreams (Kaiser) (1:50)
Days Of Our Lives (Kaiser/Salazar) (5:16)
The Evening News (French) (3:41)
The Nearsighted Heron (Kasier) (3:28)
Now That I Am Dead (Blair/French) (3:29)
Hunting Sunsets (Frith) (4:16)
The Killing Jar (Thompson) (7:43)

John French (drums, vocals)
Fred Frith (bass, violin, vocals)
Henry Kaiser (guitar, sanshin)
Richard Thompson (guitar, vocals)


YO MILES! Live At The Fillmore - Oct. 21, 1999 - Unreleased

Great sounding live recording from Wadada Leo Smith's and Henry Kaiser's Yo Miles!, recorded October 21, 1999, as part of the San Francisco Jazz Festival. One of the band's earliest recorded dates and a blistering example of the balls-out energy this ensemble was capable of generating on any given night. This is the third unofficial and unreleased Yo Miles! performance we've posted here, all recorded at The Fillmore. Guitarist Nels Cline is sitting in on this night, and The ROVA Saxophone Quartet is in the house, too. Give a listen to "Agharta Prelude," below, and check out the other unreleased live shows we've got posted in the archives, HERE and HERE.

Yesternow Part 1 > (1:56)
Right Off > (8:40)
Agharta Prelude (10:25)
Black Satin (19:31)
Great Ancestor Part 1 > (3:24)
Calypso Frelimo > (10:18)
Ife > (11:13)
Great Expectations > (5:14)
Ife (5:50)
Right Off Parts 4 & 5 (11:18)
Hollywuud/Big Fun (9:17)

Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet)
Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Michael Manring (bass)
Nels Cline (guitar)
Chris Muir (guitar
Tom Coster (keyboards
Alex Cline (drums
Zakir Hussein (tablas)
The ROVA Saxophone Quartet: 
Bruce Ackley
, Steve Adams, 
Jon Raskin & 
Larry Ochs


YO MILES! Live At The Fillmore - Sept. 1, 2000 - Unreleased

They're not a cover band. Yo Miles!, instead, inhabits the music of Miles Davis, embodying the electrified, free-form spirit of Davis' mad-funk ensembles like no other like-minded artists ever have. It's a tribute, to be sure, but the artistry of those involved, and the genuinely frantic energy of the music, makes Yo Miles! the premiere musical act of its kind. Fronted by trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith and guitarist Henry Kaiser, Yo Miles! has released three official multi-disc sets of unparalleled live recordings paying respect to the music of Miles Davis; 1998's Yo Miles! (HERE), 2004's Sky Garden (HERE) and 2005's Upriver (HERE). This September, 2000 appearance at The Fillmore is an unofficial, unreleased live audience recording, which means the sound is a tad cavernous, but the ominous tone of the music works in its favor, so the sonics are quite tolerable once your ears adjust. Boasting a few half hour plus performances, this 3-1/2 hour show delves into all aspects of Miles' electric genius. We've got another live Fillmore recording from March 4th, 2000 in the archives (HERE). Listen to "Jabali," below.

What I Say (31:51)
Band Introductions (1:53)
Jabali (14:36)
On The Corner Jam (6:09)
Jack Johnson (12:31)
It's About That Time (8:07)
Willie Dixon (6:06)
Shinjuku (10:14)
Mister Toon (9:22)
Bitches Brew (37:54)
Ife (17:53)
Great Expectations (2:44)
Go Ahead John (7:52)
Agharta Funk (9:09)
Tune In 5/One Phone Call (19:29)
Hollywuud/Big Fun (10:36)

Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet)
Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Michael Manring (bass)
Chris Muir (guitar)
Mike Keneally (guitar)
Tom Coster (keyboard)
Greg Osby (alto sax)
John Tchicai (tenor sax)
Steve Smith (drums)
Karl Perazzo (congas)


HENRY KAISER Outside Pleasure (1979)
HENRY KAISER Outside Aloha Pleasure (1996)

Subtitled "Solo Electric Guitar," Outside Pleasure is Henry Kaiser's first LP release of solo guitar experiments, recorded live in Berkeley and San Francisco during August of 1979, and issued on Kaiser's own Metalanguage label later that year. In his review for The All Music Guide, Brian Olewnick wrote; "(Kaiser) takes a jagged, relatively harsh and brutal approach on many of these pieces, mitigated somewhat by the faint influence of the music of Captain Beefheart, specifically the various guitarists employed in that band. This underlying affinity to rock (albeit in one of its more extreme incarnations) gives the pieces, all freely improvised, a sense of structure and forward momentum that similar explorations by younger improvisers often lack." While Switzerland's Jazz 360 stated simply, "An esthetic that would give Joe Pass nightmares." This is a vinyl rip of the long out-of-print release, and comes to us courtesy of The Avant Garde Project. The Mp3 version available at Amazon, HERE, comes with two bonus tracks, "Jingle Bells / It Came Upon A Midnight Clear" and "Robert Louis Stevenson."

Outside Pleasure (7:44)
Punctual As Actual (3:20)
The Farmer In Heaven (10:11)
The Stormy Present (7:58)
An Economy Of Scale (1:53)
Aquirax Aida (4:15)
Information Mechanics (6:13)
The Blood At The Back Of The Harp (2:36)

Henry Kaiser (guitar)


In 1996, Henry Kaiser re-visited his 1979 and 1981 Metalanguage LP releases to prepare them for a new, 1996 CD re-issue, entitled Outside Aloha Pleasure. Included on the CD was all of 1979's Outside Pleasure (except for the track, "Punctual As Actual"), along with sides A & B (the solo guitar tracks) found on the 1981 2LP set, Aloha. The All Music Guide's Dean McFarlane summarized Kaiser's improvisational techniques as "textures unknown to the six-string world - or at least scarcely utilized in such a powerful and eloquent manner. Electro-acoustic avant-garde experiments rarely sounded so arresting. Outside Aloha Pleasure is essential listening, a groundbreaking work in improvisation and avant-garde music." These files come to us courtesy of The Avant Garde Project, while the out-of-print CD is currently going for collector's prices at Amazon, HERE.

An Economy Of Scale (1:47)
The Shadow Line (18:44)*
Aquirax Aida (4:09)
The Stormy Present (7:53)
Christmas On Bear Mountain (2:23)*
945 (4:38)*
The Invisible Hand (2:37)*
Information Mechanics (6:04)
What The Dead Men Say (2:31)*
The Empty Set (2:01)*
Outside Pleasure (7:39)
The Farmer In Heaven (10:03)
The Blood At The Back Of The Harp (2:32)
Joaquin (Twenty-Four Eyes) Miller (4:29)*
Recordings originally released on Outside Pleasure (1979), except * originally released on Aloha (1981)

Henry Kaiser (guitar)


HENRY KAISER "Moosylvania Perestroika Guitar Solo"
(State Of The Union, 1996)

A project organized by Henry Kaiser's pal, Elliot Sharp, that gathered together countless musicians tasked with performing an original, one minute composition for this 2CD avant/experimental collection, State Of The Union. The idea actually began life as a single LP in 1982, before being released on CD in 1992, then expanded in 1996 into this 2CD behemoth, featuring 146 contributions. In the new millennium, State Of The Union would be expanded once again, into a 3CD compilation (HERE, at Amazon). Listen below, and download (just) Henry Kaiser's 58 second contribution, a sly nod to Rocky & Bullwinkle, entitled "Moosylvania Perestroika Guitar Solo." See the set's entire track list, HERE.

"Moosylvania Perestroika Guitar Solo" (0:58)
Henry Kaiser (guitar)

DOWNLOAD "Moosylvania Perestroika Guitar Solo"

KONDO-KAISER-OSWALD moose and salmon (1978)

The second of two early LPs released by Henry Kaiser and John Oswald for the Music Gallery Editions label. 1978's Improvised was the first (MGE12), and this, moose and salmon (MGE30), with Toshinori Kondo, the second. Both are long out of print recordings. Some of Henry Kaiser's earliest work. The back cover announces, "Improvised. Recorded Live. Selections from seven of eleven takes (a-k) plus guitar solo excerpt." The composition "b" is represented via three different takes, while "HK" is a solo guitar performance by Henry. Over the years, Kaiser would continue to record wildly improvisational music with both Toshinori Kondo and John Oswald is various group settings. Listen to Side A (moose) and Side B (salmon), below.

Side A (26:14)
1. c
2. a
3. b

Side B (26:09)
1. h
2. d
3. b
4. HK
5. g
6. i
7. b

Toshinori Kondo (trumpet/alto horn)
Henry Kaiser (electric guitar)
John Oswald (alto sax)


HENRY KAISER Ice Death (1977)

Henry Kaiser's debut solo LP, Ice Death, sets the stage admirably for the long and winding career that would follow. Opening with a skewed rendition of Captain Beefheart's "Dali's Car," Kaiser and friends - including John Oswald, Henry Kuntz and Chris Muir - offer a mixed bag of highly energized improv, flings of atonal color and extended free-form experimentation. The 15-1/2 minute "Wind Crystals" is a stand out, and features the always entertaining Eugene Chadbourne on guitar. Delightfully weird, artfully playful and uniquely Henry. The guy is going places.

a) Dali's Car (1:22)
b) From The Heart (3:29)
c) Trio 19 (1:27)
d) Trio 242 (5:00)
e) Ice Death (2:09)
f) Harry The Possum (2:34)
g) Blue Dolphin (10:29)
h) Duo 06 (2:10)

i) Wind Crystals (15:35)
j) Trio SC1 (1:21)
k) Happy Hour (1:39)
l) Trio SC5 (1:41)
m) Duo 07 (1:52)
n) Old Missouri (1:10)
0) Welcome Space Friends (1:25)
p) Victoria B.C. (3:43)
q) Bagpipes (1:11)

Eugene Chadbourne - Acoustic Guitar (i)
Evan Cornog - Electric Guitar (a)
John Gruntfest - Alto Saxophone (h)
Henry Kaiser - Acoustic Guitar (h,i,j,k), Electric Guitar (all other tracks)
Henry Kuntz - Tenor Saxophone (b,c,d,f,g,j,k,l,o)
Loren Means - Trombone (m,o)
Chris Muir - Electric Guitar (q)
John Oswald - Alto Saxophone (b,f,j,k,l,n,p)
Laurel Sprigg - Cello, Voice (c,d,g)


Guitar Player Magazine - February, 2014

The February 2014 issue of Guitar Player Magazine features an interview with everybody's favorite Henry, as he discusses his preferences for time and sound shifting delays, modulators, loopers and boxes of all ilks. Not to mention his guitar and amp collections. Read the article below (just click each page for a pop-up enlargement), or click HERE to download a .pdf of the article.

HENRY KAISER's Square-Wave Looping Strategies (2014)

From the editors of Guitar Player Magazine, Henry Kaiser describes and demonstrates his signature looping technique, which he calls the "Square Wave Modulation of the Clock Rate of Long Delay Times." Yeah… we didn't know what it meant either. But, it's a technique HK originally developed in the 70s, which he demonstrates in this 20 minute video. At first, as HK shows how it's all set up, it sounds like only so much noise. But when he fully demonstrates the application of the technique, the "noise" magically turns into HK's familiar sounding style, and it's pretty amazing to see how he makes it all work. Upgrade the "settings" option in the bottom right for the best video quality.

HENRY KAISER'S Dozen Oddball Guitars (2014)

From the editors of Guitar Player Magazine, Henry Kaiser introduces some of his collection's most unusual guitars, while sharing some of his amazing personal history with people, places and things, in this nearly 30 minute video, Henry Kaiser's Dozen Oddball Guitars. Be sure to upgrade the "settings" option in the bottom right for the best video quality.

HENRY KAISER Live At The Great American Music Hall (1990) - Unreleased

Henry Kaiser and friends live at San Francisco's Great American Music Hall, January 7th, 1990. An invigorated set featuring the great Glenn Phillips on guitar and pals Steve Kimock and Greg Gumble sitting in. This show was recorded while Kaiser and Phillips were in the process of making the album, Guitar Party, which would take nearly 13 years to get released. This show's set list closely resembles that disc's track list - which features covers from numerous Bay Area psych bands, including The Dead ("Dark Star"), Quicksilver Messenger Service ("Cobra"), Jefferson Airplane ("The Other Side Of This Life"), as well as Hendrix ("If 6 Were 9"), The Byrds ("If You're Gone") and Dylan ("Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues,""Won't You Please Crawl Out Your Window?"). Drummer Mark McQuade Crawford is especially animated in this rough and tumble set, highlighted by a 15 minute take on Neil Young's "Cortez The Killer," below.

Blue Moose (7:26)
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (6:13)
I'm Not Crying (3:53)
Dark Star > (12:08)
If 6 Were 9 > (7:18)
Jam (5:09)
If You're Gone (4:21)#
Pacific Ocean Blues (4:04)#
Instrumental (5:36)
Cobra (6:16)
Sally Go 'Round The Roses (5:51)^
Lenore (7:03)
Jam > (4:11)*#
Cortez The Killer (15:32)*#
Won't You Please Crawl Out Your Window? (6:11)
The Other Side Of This Life (13:04)*#

Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Glenn Phillips (guitar
Gary Lambert (bass, vocals)
Mark McQuade Crawford (drums)

plus guests:

Steve Kimock (guitar)*
Greg Gumble (guitar, vocals)#
The Sundials (vocals)^


HENRY KAISER'S GROOVES OF MYSTERY Live At Club Muse (2002) - Unreleased

Two sets and some abbreviated soundcheck material captured live at Club Muse in Albany, CA, May 24th, 2002. Features some extended workouts on Kaiser favorites like "The Fishin' Hole," "Play With Fire" and "Red Hills Of Rwanda," alongside some choice covers like Zappa's "Watermelon In Easter Hay" and Miles' "Ife." The Grooves of Mystery include Henry Kaiser (guitar), John Hanes (drums
), Dave Jess (bass) & Casey (K.C.) Filson (keyboards). Scott Colby sits in on slide guitar for some numbers and the great Freddie Roulette, a cohort in Kaiser's Psychedelic Guitar Circus, comes on board for the second set. Hear Henry's bluesy warm up, below.

The Same Thing (2:27)*
Obligatory Blues (3:06)*
Cardova (4:01)*

(Unknown 1) (6:18)
West Coast Salegy (7:25)
The Fishin' Hole (9:23)*
Cardova (6:22)*
Obligatory Blues (5:11)*
Play With Fire (11:24)*
A Good Talking To (3:32)*
(Banter) (0:54)
Watermelon In Easter Hay (7:23)*
Red Hills Of Rwanda (9:31)*
The Same Thing > (8:17)
I'm So Glad (6:47)

(Unknown 2) (7:19)
Right Off (12:06)
Sleepwalk (4:34)
Palace Of Love Theme (9:31)
(Unknown 3) (4:36)
Ife (10:21)
(Unknown 4) (7:22)

Henry Kaiser (guitar)
John Hanes (drums
Dave Jess (bass)
Casey (K.C.) Filson (keyboard)

plus guests:

*Scott Colby (slide guitar)

Freddie Roulette (pedal steel guitar - 2nd set only)


HENRY KAISER'S GROOVES OF MYSTERY Live At Ashkenaz (2005) - Unreleased

Henry Kaiser's Grooves of Mystery, live at the Ashnenaz Community Center in Berkeley, CA, January 27th, 2005. The Grooves of Mystery this night are Henry Kaiser (guitar & vocals)
, Joe Rut (guitar & vocals), Cary Sheldon (vocals), Dave Jess (bass & vocals) and John Hanes (drums
). Sitting in is the great Barry "The Fish" Melton, from Country Joe and The Fish on guitar.

Don't Let A Thief Steal Into Your Heart (8:43)
Mojo Navigator (8:30)
Wade In The Water > Magma (8:58)
Get Up Jake (5:47)
Third Degree (8:50)
Ode To Billy Joe > Dave's Thang > Lenore (12:59)
Well Well Well > Palace Of Love Theme > Well Well Well (10:55)
Babylon (7:31)
Play With Fire (7:06)
Poor Poor Pitiful Me > West Coast Salegy > (7:40)
It's All Too Much (6:51)

Season Of The Witch (14:16)
Spill The Wine (11:18)
Jesse James (6:05)
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (6:39)
The Dance > (13:33)
Butcher's Boy (10:21)
Encore: Kevin Barry (2:40)

Henry Kaiser (guitar & vocals)

Joe Rut (guitar & vocals)
Cary Sheldon (vocals)
Dave Jess (bass & vocals)
John Hanes (drums

plus guests:

Barry "The Fish" Melton (guitar & vocals)
Simon Hanes (John's 13 year-old son, guitar)


HENRY KAISER Up Close And Personal With Seal Pup (2012)
Seal Pup Goes For A Swim (2012) - Video & Music By HK

Henry Kaiser combines his two great passions, arctic diving and improvisational guitar, in these two beautiful videos, featuring Henry's personal interactions with a Weddell Seal Pup in late 2012.

Up Close And Personal With Seal Pup (2012)
Music and Video by Henry Kaiser
That irrepressible Weddell Seal Pup from Seal Pup Goes For A Swim is back. This time he joins Henry Kaiser with his video camera and guitar, and Rob Robbins with a still camera, for some under the ice fun diving. Up very close and very personal. Wish you were here... HK

Seal Pup Goes For A Swim (2012)
Music and Video by Henry Kaiser
A Weddell Seal pup goes for a swim with his mom. Shot at Turtle Rock, Ross Sea, Antarctica.

The music heard in Seal Pup Goes For A Swim comes from Henry Kaiser's 2012 album, No Trouble With The Tromba.

HENRY KAISER "I Forget" (The $100 Guitar Project, 2013)

A nifty project spearheaded by Nick Didkovsky and Chuck O'Meara, when they purchased a no-name electric guitar online for $100. They came up with the brainstorm of getting a bunch of their cool buddies (64 players on 69 tracks) to take the guitar, compose and record something with it, so they could compile this 2CD collection of off-the-beaten-path creativity. Everyone who came on board had a week with the guitar before they sent it on to the next player. As a result, the axe traveled "all over the USA, including Hawaii, and to western Europe." The list of players is a who's who in the improv/avant community, including the likes of Nels Cline, Rhys Chatham, Mike Keneally, Fred Frith, Elliott Sharp and too many others to mention here. But, since 100% of the artist's royalties (and some record company money) are being donated to CARE, a world hunger organization, you're only getting a taste here... the very cool contribution from Henry Kaiser, entitled, "I Forget." Find The $100 Guitar Project at Amazon (see the complete track list, here) and hear Henry Kaiser on a $100 guitar, below.

"I Forget" (2:53)
Henry Kaiser (guitar)


HENRY KAISER "Delirium" b/w "Homesickness" 7" (1993)

Cool 7" single released by Henry Kaiser on the Table of Elements label. "Delirium" b/w "Homesickness" (Table Of The Elements Ne 10, 1993) is Volume 1 of the label's Guitar Series, limited to 1,000 copies pressed on white vinyl. Hear both tracks below.

A - Delirium (2:54)
B - Homesickness (2:54)

Henry Kaiser (guitar)


HENRY KAISER & KILLICK Nikola Tesla High School (2012)

Cool, free-form collaboration between guitarists Henry Kaiser and Killick Hinds, ranging from plucky, hunt and peck interplay ("arc") to metallic sheets of raging sound ("hark") to scratchy exercises in random noisemaking ("lark"). The album's centerpiece is the the 29 minute "Lamarck," an extreme mesh of sensibilities that takes on a life of its own. Unlike most noise oriented con-fabs, the guitar work on Nikola Tesla High School exudes an abundance of personality and flavor, as the duo seem to delight in the improvisational interaction and inexplicable back-and-forth, ping-ponging sounds and pure gonzo expression. Killick Hinds is no newcomer, as his Bandcamp page illustrates. You can find an unbelievable number of name-your-price releases (meaning free, if you're the unappreciative sort) filled with pure-bred strangeness from Hinds, his collaborative pals and occasional band configurations (Pocketful Of Claptonite, Crazy Hoarse), not to mention 33 Volumes (count 'em) of Rollicking Liveness. The titles are as much fun as the music, featuring tons of puns and cultural nods; "I Wish My Brother George Was Interviewed," "John Cage Match," Ginger Baker Did Everything Eric Clapton Did, But Backwards And In High Heels. The title for this release comes from the t-shirt Henry was wearing on the back cover of his debut LP, Ice Death. If you're into the unexpected, you'll spend weeks taking in the varied sounds and ideas. Visit Hinds at Bandcamp or YouTube, among other places. Get a hard copy of Nikola Tesla High School at Amazon.

quark (8:33)
arc (4:12)
hark (7:02)
lark (3:49)
Lamarck (29:21)
question mark (4:16)
spark (9:57)
embark (3:11)

Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Killick Hinds (guitar)


THE HENRY KAISER QUARTET Live At The Boom Boom Room (2005) -Unreleased

The debut live show (of this line up) of The Henry Kaiser Quartet, captured in 2005 opening for Mike Keneally, a long time Kaiser cohort. An hour long show capped by an epic space jam that morphs into Pink Floyd's "Interstellar Overdrive."

Jam (9:43)
"We're The Henry Kaiser Quartet" (0:50)
Blind Willie (8:19)
"Nothing Is As You Left It" (1:08)
Was Anyone Seen In The Area? (6:45)
Demerol (10:43)
"How About D?" (0:50)
Well Well Well (10:52)
"Oh No! Not The Dreaded Chords" (1:04)
Jam > Interstellar Overdrive (14:19)

Scott Johnson (drums)
Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Joe Rut (guitar, vocal)
Allen Whitman (bass)
Phil Kellogg (vocal on "Demerol")


THE HENRY KAISER BAND Dark Star: Live At The Palms, 1989 - Unreleased

Another incredible version of the epic space excursion, "Dark Star," as performed by The Henry Kaiser Band in 1989. Over 45 minutes of sheer experimentation wrapped around the framework of The Grateful Dead's classic melody line. Where the band takes off after that lilting guitar head is anybody's guess, and HKB never disappoints. Hear all 45 minutes below before you download. Outstanding quality. Enjoy.

Dark Star (45:44)

Bruce Anderson (guitar, vocal)
Tom Constanten (keyboards, vocal)
Hilary Hanes (bass, vocal)
John Hanes (drums)
Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Cary Sheldon (vocal)


HENRY KAISER Fleck Electric (2012)

Henry Kaiser having psychedelic blues-rock fun with his Fleck Electric. Ash body, Mahogany neck, Morado fretboard, stainless steel wire, 25.5 scale, Seymour Duncan Alnico2 Pros to a 5 position switch with a bridge hum neck split in the 4 position and a bridge split in the 5 position. (11:21)

HENRY KAISER Tributes, Vol. 1 (2008)

Tributes, Vol. 1 is an 80 minute collection of rare tracks from Henry Kaiser (and his pals) that have surfaced on numerous tribute releases and various artists collections over the years. For you fanatics, you'll also find a handful of unreleased rarities you'd be lucky to find anywhere - including an unissued Sonny Sharrock tribute and an incredible, previously unheard Henry Kaiser Quartet version of the Grateful Dead's "Blues For Allah." This gathering is rich with goodness... including collaborations with Steve Kimock, Greg Goodman and The Maile Serenaders. Along the way, Kaiser tackles a typically disparate variety of covers (Neil Young, The Pinder Family, the Stones). "Dark Star," from Tom Constanten's 1992 Nightfall of Diamonds LP is a standout, as is HK's contribution to Full Moon Fair's 1993 cover of Richard Thompson's "Night Comes In," which you can hear below.
HENRY KAISER Tribute To The TECH 21 Comptortion Pedal (1:25)
(Unreleased) Guitar Effects Pedal Tribute album, 2005
THE HENRY KAISER QUARTET Blues For Allah (15:34)
(Unreleased) Henry Kaiser Quartet album, 1990
FULL MOON FAIR Night Comes In (9:31)
V/A The World Is a Wonderful Place: The Songs of Richard Thompson, 1993
TOM CONSTANTEN Dark Star (18:15)
Nightfall of Diamonds, 1992
V/A Out On The Rolling Sea: A Tribute To Joseph Spence And The Pinder Family, 1994
HENRY KAISER The Needle And The Damage Done/Tonight's The Night (5:55)
V/A The Bridge: A Tribute To Neil Young, 1989
(Unreleased) Sonny Sharrock Tribute, 1997
THE MAILE SERENADERS Po La'i E (Silent Night) (2:58)
V/A All Through The Year - The Second Hokey Pokey Charity Compilation, 1991
THE HENRY KAISER BAND Play With Fire (10:23)
V/A Stoned Again: A Tribute To The Rolling Stones, 1990


HENRY KAISER Tributes, Vol. 2 (2008)

More rarities from Henry Kaiser spread across many tribute and various artists collections. Also, some choice unreleased nuggets, including an unissued live track from Henry Kaiser's Grooves Of Mystery, a previously unreleased Henry Kaiser Quartet cover of Captain Beefheart's "Alice In Blunderland" (hear it below) and an unreleased Plunderphonics outtake duo with John Oswald. A lot of cool friends and performances, too. You can imagine a fusion of Steely Dan and Mahavishnu Orchestra on "Dance Of The King Of The World of Maya" by HK & PegLeg (Scott Colby, Allen Whitman, John Hanes). There's a Richard Thompson cover by Crazy Backwards Alphabet (HK, John French, Michael Maksymenko, Andy West), and a collaboration with John Schott for The John Fahey Tribute Album. Some of HK's best, if obscure, work.

  V/A If 6 Was 9 - A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix, 1990
  HENRY KAISER & PEGLEG Dance Of The King Of The World Of Maya (8:03)
  V/A Beyond The Sea, 2005
  V/A Infinite Summer of Love, 1994
  HENRY KAISER & JOHN SCHOTT Steamboat Gwine 'Round The Bend (7:10)
  V/A The Revenge of Blind Joe Death: The John Fahey Tribute Album, 2006
  V/A Circle Dance: The Hokey Pokey Charity Compilation, 1993
  HENRY KAISER Ahoy Sonny! (3:49)
  V/A Secular Steel, 2004
  TOM CONSTANTEN Goin' Home (9:12)
  Nightfall of Diamonds, 1992
  V/A The Bridge: A Tribute To Neil Young, 1989
  HENRY KAISER'S GROOVES OF MYSTERY The Same Thing/I'm So Glad (14:29)
  (Unreleased) Live, 2004
JOHN OSWALD/HENRY KAISER One Red Rose In Flash Gordon's Dishpan (1:49)
  (Unreleased) Plunderphonics outtake, 1989
THE HENRY KAISER QUARTET Alice In Blunderland (3:52)
(Unreleased) Henry Kaiser Quartet album, 1990 


HENRY KAISER Tributes, Vol. 3 (2008)

A third volume of Henry Kaiser rarities found on numerous various artists and tribute albums. While most of these tracks have surfaced on obscure releases, there are also a few unheard treasures, like the never released, 40-minute live recording of Henry Kaiser's Peter And The Wolf (reason enough to grab this collection), a track from the mega-rare Zoogz Rift tribute disc (only 100 CDs, privately released), and a conversational outtake from a recent Henry Kaiser-Damon Smith digital release, Domo Arigato Derek-Sensei! Below, you can hear Henry and the great Glenn Phillips going toe-to-toe on "Cobra (live)," from Vol. 6 of the always bizarre Passed Normal CD series. Second Sight is a Dead offshoot band with Bob Bralove, Vince Welnick and HK, while the weirdness of "The March (or Ornette Went To Cecil's House, But Left After 10 Minutes)," from the 1995 obscurity, Unsettled Scores, speaks for itself.

HENRY KAISER Autumn Waltz (2:55) 
V/A Beautiful Dreamer - The Songs of Stephen Foster, 2004 
HENRY KAISER & FRIENDS The March (or Ornette Went To Cecil's House, But Left After 10 Minutes) (9:22) 
V/A Unsettled Scores, 1995 
HENRY KAISER I Fucked Up (2:03) 
Here's To You Zoogz!, 1999 (Limited Edition CD To Benefit Zoogz Rift - 100 copies) 
(Unreleased), 2000 
HENRY KAISER Peter And The Wolf (live) (40:00) 
(Unreleased) Henry Kaiser's Peter And The Wolf, 1998 
HENRY KAISER & GLENN PHILLIPS Cobra (live) (4:48) 
V/A Passed Normal, Vol. 6, 1991 
SECOND SIGHT Dance To The Music (6:30) 
Second Sight, 1996
HENRY KAISER & DAMON SMITH Talking With Uke And Bass (7:08)
(Unreleased) Domo Arigato Derek-Sensei! outtake, 2006


HENRY KAISER Playola (2003)

A promo-only 2CD set that combines a manic array of material from Henry Kaiser's solo, group and collaborative albums from 1977-2002. It's not a 'best of,' per se, but it's as close as you'll get from a guy as wildly diverse and radio obscure as Kaiser. Playola has a little bit of everything from the HK catalog - world music diaries with David Lindley, Beefheartian profundity with John "Drumbo" French, off-shoot projects with the likes of Richard Thompson, Wadada Leo Smith and mentor Derek Bailey, careening free form improv and Kaiser's always inventive interpretations - using material from the Dead, Neil Young and even a Russian language spin on ZZ Top's "La Grange" ("Sarayushka"). Highlights abound, like a song from the rare 1995 CD with Mike Keneally (The Mistakes), unheard music from the lost 1988 Crazy Backwards Alphabet II sessions (finally released digitally in 2007, via iTunes & eMusic) and long-out-of print material from Psychedelic Guitar Circus and Kaiser's 1977 solo debut, Ice Death. Playola is an impossible gathering of musicians, methods and ideas, all under one banner. Oh, yeah... Kaiser plays guitar, too. A must for fans and the uninitiated. Read HK's notes on each track here.

Murder One Re-Marrying For Money (1983)
O Isa A World Out Of Time, Vol. II (1993)
Jabali Part 2 Yo Miles! Upriver (2001)
Drowned Dog Black Night Live, Love, Larf & Loaf (1987)
Platelet Ice Antarctic Guitar (2002)
Obligatory Blues Slide of Hand (1987)
Hai SaiOji-San Live, Love, Larf & Loaf (1987)
One Of Nature's Mistakes Who Needs Enemies? (1983)
Ambilanao Zaho A World Out Of Time (1992)
Ode To Billy Joe Those Who Know History Are Doomed To Repeat It (1988)
Free To Choose Devil In The Drain (1987)
Bagpipes Ice Death (1977)
Hurum II Hope You Like Our New Direction (1988)
Annihilation In Allah Hope You Like Our New Direction (1991)
The Fishin' Hole Heart's Desire (1989)
Sarayushka Crazy Backwards Alphabet (1986)
Maran II Crazy Backwards Alphabet (1986)
Meet The Flintstones Lemon Fish Tweezer (1991)
The Skunk's Tears Hope You Like Our New Direction (1991)
I Alamino The Long Way Home (1993)
On Broadway Psychedelic Guitar Circus (1993)
Fanoan'nyAnkizy A World Out Of Time (1992)
Aye Aye Monster The Mistakes (1995)
We Are Not Amused Crazy Backwards Alphabet II (1988)
Cash Calls Hell Popular Science (1989)
The Wood Nymph's Call Sweet Sunny North, Vol. II (1995)
Mason's Children Eternity Blue (1988)
Improvisation 102a Protocol (1978)
Now That I Am Dead Invisible Means (1990)
Words The Bridge: A Tribute To Neil Young (1989)
The Devil's Dance Sweet Sunny North (1994)
Toward Betty's Door Ghost Boys (1987)
Everyday Objects Who Needs Enemies? (1983)
Chrysanthemums Wireforks (1995)
Seeing Red Popular Science (1989)
Dali's Car Ice Death (1977)
Japan In A Dishpan Hope You Like Our New Direction (1991)
The Big Clock Re-Marrying For Money (1983)