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THE HENRY KAISER BAND Another Heart's Desire (1989) -Unreleased

The extremely rare and unreleased follow-up to The Henry Kaiser Band's 1990 live album, Heart's Desire. Recorded during the same October 21-22, 1989 shows that spawned the original release. Most of this material has never been released in any form and has been absent from trading circles. Their loss, your gain. Fans already know what to expect from HKB live... plenty of twisted material and daring musical choices. Those familiar with Kaiser's studio album, Those Who Know History Are Doomed To Repeat It, will recognize the time frame of these recordings, which includes another irresistible 33 minutes of Kaiser's favored outer space expedition, "Dark Star." Likewise, the 24 minute "Play With Fire" uses The Rolling Stones' hit as a vehicle to ramble, unbound, into the heart of improvisation. HKB's extended take on Bobbie Gentry's "Ode To Billy Joe" (which opens with a Magic Band riff) might be recognizable to those who coveted the vinyl version of Heart's Desire (as the song was edged out of the shortened, out of print CD issue). With a few short stabs, like the eccentric choice of a 1962 Lee Marvin movie theme song and nearly 70 minutes spread over only 3 jams, you'll hear the duel essence of The Henry Kaiser Band. Maybe this will be part of a 2CD Heart's Desire re-issue some day.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (4:17)
Play With Fire (24:01)
Ode To Billy Joe (10:22)
' In My Beer (3:07)
Dark Star > River's Edge (33:02)

Bruce Anderson
(guitar, vocal)
Tom Constanten (keyboards, vocal)
Hilary Hanes (bass, vocal)
John Hanes (drums)
Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Cary Sheldon (vocal)



bsk said...

I've only heard his musings around Miles' stuff (which I've always regarded very well), so this is an eye-opener. The raunchy, almost bar-room sound is spot on.

There's a 'sampled' riff 8 min in on'Ode' which I know that I know but can't for the life of me identify - can you put me out of my misery?

Even if you can't, thanks immensely for posting this.

Willard said...

Hendrix's "Third Stone From The Sun?" Thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks W, you have spawned a (new) addiction with HK.