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THE HENRY KAISER BAND Heart's Desire (1990)

Criminally out-of-print, Heart's Desire is one of The Henry Kaiser Band's more beloved releases. Recorded October 21-22, 1989, this is the CD version of the original 2LP set, capturing the free flowing energy of a group of experimenters when they gather to play for themselves, as much as for the house. Think of HKB as an improvisational dance band that mixes unlikely cover material with equally diverse originals, the common thread being the joy of discovery. Opening with a Kaiser favorite, his endlessly fascinating take on The Dead's outer limits epic, "Dark Star," HKB set the stage for an anything goes feast, which includes covers of Hendrix, Young, Thompson, The Band and Stockhausen. The real surprises come when HKB launches into the unknown, buoyed by the intuitive interaction of Kaiser's guitar probes and Tom Costanten's untethered keyboard coloring. One minute they're anchored to The Andy Griffith Show theme ("The Fishin' Hole"), the next minute they're deep in space. Somewhere in between is the essence of live group rock improvisation.

Dark Star (20:27)
River's Edge (3:01)
The Fishin' Hole (5:42)
Anyone Who Had A Heart (4:39)
Losing Hand (6:13)
Don't Let A Thief Steal Into Your Heart (4:44)
NR. 2 Klavierstuck III (0:52)
Are You Experienced? (7:06)
The Loner (5:54)
Flavor Bud Living (1:37)
The Ballad Of Shane Muscatell (4:05)
Black Light (1:21)
Buried Treasure (4:08)
Never Again (4:11)

Bruce Anderson
(guitar, vocal)
Tom Constanten (keyboards, vocal)
Hilary Hanes (bass, vocal)
John Hanes (drums)
Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Cary Sheldon (vocal)



Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing this. Do you happen to have the Yo Miles! 'Upriver' album? Many thanks.


WILLARD said...

Not for sharing, sorry.

Anonymous said...

No worries! Thanks anyways.


Hope Yvette said...

yeah, stellar LP, and the CD does NOT have all that was on the vinyl. I so so miss hearing the KILLER version of Ode to Billy Joe that's on the vinyl, it blows the version on "those who know history..." out of the water! I once had a cassette with it on it, but can't find it anymore. Thanks for the cool site. :) Cheers! ~Hope Yvette