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HENRY KAISER-BERT SWITZER Outtakes (2003) -Unreleased

Manic drum 'n' guitar experiments from Henry Kaiser and Bert Switzer. These mixes were actually produced by Kaiser overdubbing improv guitar (and some bass) over two Switzer drum solos, creating these 12 "jam" variations. Gathered from Switzer's website, two of these tracks from Outtakes ("Outta Control" and "Punk Outlaw"), were released on Switzer's 2003 band CD, The Destroyers' Outta Control. Switzer's original source files are @160.

One (2:15)
Two (Outta Control) (2:14)
Three (2:17)
Four (2:47)
Five (2:48)
Six (2:41)
Seven (2:39)
Eight (2:45)
Nine (Punk Outlaw) (2:40)
Ten (2:13)
Eleven (2:13)
Twelve (2:11)

Bert Switzer
Henry Kaiser (guitar)


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