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HENRY KAISER HK's Gifts For Various Friends (2008) -Unreleased

The rarest Henry Kaiser we have to offer is this collection of previously unheard private solo recordings Kaiser has made for his friends over the years. The Happy Birthday Sharon material should be of special interest to Fripp & Eno fans. "Commence Pussyfooting" and "Way Too Much Pussyfooting" are pure Frippertronics-styled improvisations - nearly 40 minutes worth of solo Kaiser that's never been released. HK also covers an obscure Zappa progression, "Outside Now Again." Tracks with Steve Schwartz and Greg Stewart are Kaiser overdubs to existing tapes, while For Kay's "Kay Campitelli Salegy #2" is a 14 minute, two guitar variation on Kaiser's pre-"Aye Aye Monster" blueprint, "West Coast Salegy." You can't get any rarer than these private, unreleased recordings.

Little Foxes
(3:48) For Ito, 2004
Commence Pussyfooting
(19:49) For Sharon, 2005
For Steve
(13:18) Steve Schwartz w/ Henry Kaiser, 2007
2c (3:25) For Kay, 2000
Outside Now Again
(8:59) For Sharon, 2005
Way Too Much Pussyfooting
(18:48) For Sharon, 2005
Sloppy Overdub For Greg
(4:17) Greg Stewart w/ Henry Kaiser, 2006
Hard Time Skunk Dawn Rider
(3:27) For Ito, 2004
Campitelli Salegy #2 (13:54) For Kay, 2000


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