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HENRY KAISER Hope You Like Our New Direction (1991)

Improvisational guitarist Henry Kaiser's collection of genre-spanning cover tunes and ad-libbed oddities is guaranteed to confuse & confound even the most ardent of followers weaned on HK's often mind bending six string experiments. With the help of pals like Richard Thompson, Buckethead, John French (The Magic Band), Tom Constanten (The Dead) and dozens of others, Kaiser delivers twisted takes on everything from avant-rock, Vietnamese & Hawaiian folk songs, pure pop and even some trademark guitar gymnastics. "Hurum II" is one of HK's long running, other worldly experimentations with Charles K. Noyes and Sang Won Park (listen for the razor guitar outbursts), while Captain Beefheart's "Japan In A Dishpan" gets a vividly tense re-telling. Kaiser & Constanten's soaring, counter-punching interplay halfway into their live, 9 minute improv of David Essex's "Rock On" is a delight. In the liner notes, Kaiser stated his intention to "retire" from recording cover versions with this wryly titled album. Fortunately... he wouldn't keep his word.

Love's Made A Fool Of You (Holly/Montgomery) (3:15)
"Traditional" Medley: Devil Got My Woman, Sa Ma Improvisation, Qua Cau Gio Bay, Ly Chim Quyen, Cold Rain And Snow (Traditional) (13:00)
Rock On (Essex) (9:00)
Kanaka Wai Wai (Almieda) (4:15)
The Skunk's Tears (Adams) (3:15)
Annihilation In Allah (Traditional) (4:35)
Windham Hell (Kaiser) (1:50)
The Sandman (Marshall) (4:45)
Hurum II (Kaiser/Noyes-Park) (7:55)
Edge Of The World (Frasconi/Kaiser) (2:30)
Distant Stars (Kaiser) (2:00)
California Dreamin' (Phillips/Gilliam) (4:40)
Carried Off By The Moon (Kaiser/West) (2:50)
High School Hellcats (Carroll/Kaiser) (6:55)
Prosaic Mosaic (Edgar/Kaiser) (3:50)
Japan In A Dishpan (Van Vliet) (3:00)

Henry Kasier
Bruce Ackley
Bruce Anderson

David Balakrishnan
Danny Carnahan
Brian Carroll
Tom Constanten
Vernon Edgar
Miquel Frasconi
John French
Greg Gumbel
Hilary Hanes
John Hanes
Eloda Kane
Raymond Kane
Jin Hi
Kim Ngoc Lam
Gary Lambert
John McCain
Mark McQuade-Crawford
Charles K. Noyes
John Oswald
Sang Won Park
Robin Petrie
Cary Sheldon
Alan Smithee
Richard Thompson
Andy West


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