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HENRY KAISER'S Peter And The Wolf (1998) -Unreleased

Improvised in front of a live audience at Beanbender's in Berkeley, March 22, 1998. This unreleased performance is guitarist Henry Kaiser's avant variation of the well-known Prokofiev piece, featuring a few high profile friends, violinist Darol Anger and pianist Sarah Cahill among them. At 40 minutes, it's a weird & wired treat, and the excellent sound puts you at a front row table. Recommended for those who like their Prokofiev without rules. Listen to the entire unreleased performance, below.

Henry Kaiser's Peter And The Wolf (40:00)

PETER: Henry Kaiser (guitar) 
WOLF: Darol Anger (violin) 
BIRD: George Cremaschi & Damon Smith (bass) 
DUCK: Moe Staiano (percussion) 
CAT: Robin Petrie (accordion) 
PETER'S GRANDFATHER: Mark Silber (harmonica) 
HUNTERS: Dan Plonsey (reeds) ...and Sarah Cahill (piano) 
Narrated by Mantra Ben-Ya'akova 


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