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HENRY KAISER Nearly Forgotten Leftovers (1990-2005) -Unreleased

This is some of the rarest Henry Kaiser to be found. Mike Keneally & HK go live on Frank Zappa's acoustic classic, "Sleep Dirt." With Glenn Phillip comes a twisted cover of Dylan's "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues," as sung by... 'the Ghost of Walter Brennan.' The much longer, very different and free improv Henry Kaiser Band take on "Rock On" is from the old vinyl version of Hope You Like Our New Direction. Freddie Roulette, extremely eccentric steel guitar bluesman from Chicago, gets Kaiser-ed on a couple of tracks from his 2005 Man of Steel album. The Mistakes, featuring Kaiser & Keneally again, perform a spirited live version of the irresistible "Aye Aye Monster," from a (hopefully) forthcoming live Mistakes disc. HK joins Dose Hermanos (the moniker for pure improv vets Tom Constanten & Bob Bralove) on two tracks from their 2000 release, Search For Intelligent Life. There's live French, Frith Kaiser & Thompson, more various artists CD tracks with Michael Manring, Jim O'Rourke and Rube Wadell and even a bizarre, unreleased solo, spoken, pluck & stab HK version of "Playin' In The Band." Every track is a gem.

(Unreleased) Live at The Freight and Salvage, 2000

HENRY KAISER & GLENN PHILLIPS Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (5:54)
Guitar Party (Hidden Track) Alternate "Walter Brennan" Vocal, 1990
THE HENRY KAISER BAND Rock On (alternate) (12:39)
Hope You Like Our New Direction LP Version, Different Improv Than CD, 1991
FREDDIE ROULETTE Breakin' Up Someone's Home (6:34)
Man of Steel, 2005
THE MISTAKES Aye Aye Monster (live) (7:26)
From the forthcoming Live at the Pandemonium Festival 1996
DOSE HERMANOS Search For Intelligent Life (7:08)
DOSE HERMANOS A Million O'Clock In Zanzibar (8:14)
Search For Intelligent Life, 2000
HENRY KAISER & MICHAEL MANRING It's About Those Times (6:23)
V/A Guitar Harvest, Vol. 1, 2003
Cut and Run, 1994
RUBE WADELL with HENRY KAISER Mohandas (5:08)
V/A Unscrubbed: Live From The Laundromat, Vol. 2, 1998
FRENCH, FRITH, KAISER & THOMPSON Days of Our Lives (5:45)
(Unreleased) Live at The Ashkenaz, 1990
HENRY KAISER & JIM O'ROURKE Monster Investigator Juspion (5:24)
V/A Passed Normal, Vol. 5, 1992
(Unreleased) Man of Steel Outtake, 2005

HENRY KAISER Playin' In the Band (3:30)
(Unreleased) Solo, 2002



A.Owsley said...

Looks like a fun collection there! I'm suffering a bout of insomnia at the moment so I'm spending my early morning hours DeClicking my vinyl copy of "Hope You Like Our New Dircetion". The vinyl version of Rock On was always my favorite.
I met Glenn Phillips once at a book store. I had to give his car a jump when his battery died. Ahh, the glamorous life of a rock and roll star!

debout said...

Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues by Henry Kaiser and friends is one of the best covers ever made in the world for years. Really. One friend offered me a copy of it a couple of years ago, and i listened to it very frequently. Everything is excellent in it, the voice, the way the words are told, the guitar, the rythm, the timing, the sound. Absolutely Perfect. Did Bob Dylan listen to it ? If he did not, he should.

Anonymous said...

Link is down again.

Willard said...

New link up, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing back this gem.