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HENRY KAISER Henry Kaiser Plays Dead (2009) -Unreleased

Over the years, experimental guitarist Henry Kaiser (and his many friends) has reinterpreted the music of the Grateful Dead from every conceivable angle (solo, duo, quartet, jam band configurations) with inventive and often exhilarating results. Henry Kaiser Plays Dead gathers together 2CDs worth of (mostly unreleased) recordings, ranging from faithfully tweaked covers of "Mason's Children" and "Cold Rain And Snow" to 30 minute group improvisations delving into the deeper recesses of "Dark Star" and "Blues For Allah." All that is cool enough by itself, but this set brings you something we can actually guarantee you've never heard before. Two exclusive, world premiere unreleased studio recordings - "Black Peter," a duet with vocalist/guitarist David Gans and a most unusual, avant interpretation of the trippy, "What's Become Of The Baby," from the Dead's 1969 LP, Aoxomoxoa. Both recorded weeks ago in June, 2009. And that's not all. You'll also hear unreleased live music from Psychedelic Guitar Circus, featuring Henry and guitarist Steve Kimock exploring the impossibilities of "Dark Star," before segueing nicely into Kaiser's own "Fake Zero" (for obsessives, a variation of this tune was called "Fake Xero" after 2007, also renamed "The Red Hills Of Rwanda" by Dead lyricist Robert Hunter for Bob Bralove's Second Sight CD). We've peppered all this goodness with a few outstanding tracks from HK's GD tribute CD, Eternity Blue, the promo-only Playola and 1991's Hope You Like Our New Direction, creating an expansive, 2-1/4 hour overview of Kaiser's relationship with the music of the Grateful Dead. Expect the unexpected from the celebrated Mr. K., an extraordinary guitarist and world class improviser who, in a perfect world, would not require this introduction. Click the back cover for performance details.

Mason's Children (4:59) Henry Kaiser (From Playola)

Dark Star > (16:43) Psychedelic Guitar Circus (Unreleased)
Fake Zero (12:06) Psychedelic Guitar Circus (Unreleased)
Blues For Allah (29:55) Henry Kaiser (From Eternity Blue)
Black Peter (6:40) David Gans & Henry Kaiser

What's Become Of The Baby (9:21) Henry Kaiser (Unreleased WORLD PREMIERE)
Cold Rain And Snow (4:51) Henry Kaiser (From Hope You Like Our New Direction)
Blues For Allah (15:34) Henry Kaiser Quartet (Unreleased)
Dark Star > River's Edge (33:02) Henry Kaiser Band (Unreleased)
Playin' In The Band (3:30) Henry Kaiser (solo) (Unreleased)



erick ziglar said...

any way to get flac files of this release

Willard said...

Sorry, nope.

erick ziglar said...

I just talked to David gans & he said that he never recorded "Black peter" with Henry, so you may have some wrong info. I also think that is Robert Hunter on "what's become of The baby".

Willard said...

Gans recorded it solo and Kaiser overdubbed his guitar part.

According to the participants on the session, those are Alan Senauke's vocals on "What's Become Of The Baby."

nick said...

The SoundCloud link to Henry Kaiser Plays Dead does not work. Nor can I find the content on SoundCloud when I search for "Henry Kaiser" or "Henry Kaiser Plays Dead". Would you please post a live link? Thanks!