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HENRY KAISER Playola (2003)

A promo-only 2CD set that combines a manic array of material from Henry Kaiser's solo, group and collaborative albums from 1977-2002. It's not a 'best of,' per se, but it's as close as you'll get from a guy as wildly diverse and radio obscure as Kaiser. Playola has a little bit of everything from the HK catalog - world music diaries with David Lindley, Beefheartian profundity with John "Drumbo" French, off-shoot projects with the likes of Richard Thompson, Wadada Leo Smith and mentor Derek Bailey, careening free form improv and Kaiser's always inventive interpretations - using material from the Dead, Neil Young and even a Russian language spin on ZZ Top's "La Grange" ("Sarayushka"). Highlights abound, like a song from the rare 1995 CD with Mike Keneally (The Mistakes), unheard music from the lost 1988 Crazy Backwards Alphabet II sessions (finally released digitally in 2007, via iTunes & eMusic) and long-out-of print material from Psychedelic Guitar Circus and Kaiser's 1977 solo debut, Ice Death. Playola is an impossible gathering of musicians, methods and ideas, all under one banner. Oh, yeah... Kaiser plays guitar, too. A must for fans and the uninitiated. Read HK's notes on each track here.

Murder One Re-Marrying For Money (1983)
O Isa A World Out Of Time, Vol. II (1993)
Jabali Part 2 Yo Miles! Upriver (2001)
Drowned Dog Black Night Live, Love, Larf & Loaf (1987)
Platelet Ice Antarctic Guitar (2002)
Obligatory Blues Slide of Hand (1987)
Hai SaiOji-San Live, Love, Larf & Loaf (1987)
One Of Nature's Mistakes Who Needs Enemies? (1983)
Ambilanao Zaho A World Out Of Time (1992)
Ode To Billy Joe Those Who Know History Are Doomed To Repeat It (1988)
Free To Choose Devil In The Drain (1987)
Bagpipes Ice Death (1977)
Hurum II Hope You Like Our New Direction (1988)
Annihilation In Allah Hope You Like Our New Direction (1991)
The Fishin' Hole Heart's Desire (1989)
Sarayushka Crazy Backwards Alphabet (1986)
Maran II Crazy Backwards Alphabet (1986)
Meet The Flintstones Lemon Fish Tweezer (1991)
The Skunk's Tears Hope You Like Our New Direction (1991)
I Alamino The Long Way Home (1993)
On Broadway Psychedelic Guitar Circus (1993)
Fanoan'nyAnkizy A World Out Of Time (1992)
Aye Aye Monster The Mistakes (1995)
We Are Not Amused Crazy Backwards Alphabet II (1988)
Cash Calls Hell Popular Science (1989)
The Wood Nymph's Call Sweet Sunny North, Vol. II (1995)
Mason's Children Eternity Blue (1988)
Improvisation 102a Protocol (1978)
Now That I Am Dead Invisible Means (1990)
Words The Bridge: A Tribute To Neil Young (1989)
The Devil's Dance Sweet Sunny North (1994)
Toward Betty's Door Ghost Boys (1987)
Everyday Objects Who Needs Enemies? (1983)
Chrysanthemums Wireforks (1995)
Seeing Red Popular Science (1989)
Dali's Car Ice Death (1977)
Japan In A Dishpan Hope You Like Our New Direction (1991)
The Big Clock Re-Marrying For Money (1983)


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