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HENRY KAISER Eternity Blue (1993)

Known as a free improviser, Henry Kaiser's recorded works have ranged from solo guitar experiments to group excursions with the likes of Crazy Backwards Alphabet, French Frith Kaiser & Thompson and the Yo Miles! project. Along the way, he's tried a little bit of everything with pretty much anyone willing to step out on a ledge with him - from Glenn Phillips to Derek Bailey to the ROVA Saxophone Quartet. But Kaiser has always had a special affinity for The Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia, whom he's covered (and emulated) on numerous group releases over the years. After Garcia's death in 1995, Kaiser gathered together almost 80 minutes of his Dead-inspired trips, recorded between 1987 and 1995, for Eternity Blue, probably the most sincere Garcia tribute yet released. The 30 minute live "Blues For Allah" and the 20 minute "Dark Star" offer up plenty of evidence that Garcia and Kaiser are true kindred spirits, but the warm covers of "Mason's Children," "Cold Rain And Snow" and "High Time" illustrate that it's not just about the improvisation. Kaiser and Dead fans will love it, especially when the band takes flight. Tom Constanten, David Gans and Marilyn Crispell (among others) are along for the ride. Kaiser's "Blue Eternity" is the disc's sole original composition. Hear how far out they go with a half-hour of "Allah."

Mason's Children (4:59)
High Time (4:31)
Blues For Allah (29:55)
Cold Rain And Snow (4:50)
Dark Star > A Love Supreme > Dark Star (20:17)
Blue Eternity (9:24)
Palace (4:36)

Henry Kaiser
Bruce Anderson
Bob Bralove
Danny Carnahan
Tom Constanten
Marilyn Crispell
David Gans
Hilary Hanes
John Hanes
Ngoc Lam
Gary Lambert
Diana Mangano
Mark McQuake-Crawford
Robin Petrie



Dr. Benway said...

Looks like the link isn't functional right now. Once more, thanks for all the HK love.

Willard said...

New link up, thanks for the note.

Anonymous said...

I was just checking this out at Discogs and was intrigued by the groupings of artists. Looking forward to listening to it. Many thanks.