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YO MILES! Live At The Fillmore, March 4, 2000 -Unreleased

One of Henry Kaiser's most rewarding musical projects has been his collaboration with trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith (and dozens of friends), re-interpreting the music of Miles Davis - circa the early 70s electric period of Bitches Brew, On The Corner, Big Fun, etc. Dubbed 'Yo Miles!,' the collective (including such heavies as Nels Cline, Michael Manring, Elliott Sharp and the ROVA Saxophone Quartet) has released 3 live/studio double CDs based on Davis' funk driven experiments - Yo Miles! (1998), Yo Miles! Sky Garden (2004) & Yo Miles! Upriver (2005). For this unreleased, 3 hour plus show, Kaiser & Smith use Davis' bleak melodies and pulsating rhythms as merely a starting point for the ensemble to dig deeper into the dark alleys of Davis' funk-based, groove-heavy, jazz rock visions. Given the depth of talent and diversity of instrumentation, it's interesting to note that it's bassist Michael Manring that proves to be the anchor... and driving force. His sinister sounding, heartbeat bass provides the grounding for the band's endless fights. Kaiser's encyclopedic guitar technique mutates at every turn - synchronizing with Smith's rising trumpet lines one minute, locking onto the groove the next. He'll accent with wah-wah & spacey effects, then chunky outbursts, only to eventually take off with searing improv. Following HK's direction-prompting transitions are a treat. Give a listen to the 16 minute plus "Bitches Brew," below. Fantastic.

Introduction (2:05)
/Big Fun (9:55)
-Nne (12:04)
and Karl (4:13)
Right Off (16:04)

Drums And Percussion (5:22)
Bitches Brew (16:20)
Saxophone Quartet: Little Church/Sivad (10:24)
Prelude (9:36)
Calypso Frelimo (19:50)
Star People (6:39)
Calypso Frelimo (5:26)

Improv (6:28)
Miles Dewey Davis III/Great Ancestor (11:31)
Part II (2:55)
Black Satin (8:19)
Nefertiti (1:28)
Great Expectations (5:04)

Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet)
Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Michael Manring (bass)
Chris Muir (guitar)
Steve Kimock (guitar)
Bruce Ackley (saxophone)
Steve Adams (saxophone)
Jon Raskin (saxophone)
Larry Ochs (saxophone)
Tom Coster (keyboard)
Steve Smith (drums)
Karl Perazzo (congas)



jbull49 said...

Glad I found you again and your excellent affiliated blogs such as this paean to the great Henry and the other to the great Harry. Love the Yo! Miles; much thanks to WLS and HK for keeping the tap of the eternal "one" open. Latest ("Shinjuku") possibly the finest yet.

Thanks for all the links to all the marvellous music.


No. 6 said...

Cool, thanks for commenting.

Dr. Howard said...

I was at this show! Great Memories ~ Great Musicians ~ Great Jams!! Appreciate The Blog & You!!!
Keep On Pickin'

Colonel Panic said...

The link to the first cd is dead.
Thanks for all the HK

W said...

Fixed, Thanks Col.

Robert Killip said...

Only just found this. I love the Yo Miles! recordings - I have them all. Unfortunately the link to the March 2000 show seems to have gone

WILLARD said...

Nope... all the links are working fine. Click the @192 and expect a pop-up page.