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FRENCH FRITH KAISER THOMPSON Live, Live, Live & Live (1987) -Unreleased

Pretty solid unreleased live recording of John French, Fred Frith, Henry Kaiser and Richard Thompson, from The Ashkenaz in Berkeley, California, March 8, 1987. This concert took place just after the recording of French Frith Kaiser Thompson's debut album together, Live, Love, Larf & Loaf. The set is naturally heavy with LLL&L material, filled out with solo contributions from all members, including Thompson's "When The Spell Is Broken" & The Calvary Cross," and Kaiser's bizarre children's story rendition, "The Devil In The Drain." Over two hours.

Tuning (1:38
Wings a la Mode (4:10)
Killerman Gold Posse (3:04)
Drowned Dog Black Night (7:53)
Disposable Thoughts (5:10)
A Blind Step Away (7:32)
The Second Time (4:02)
Where's The Money (4:57)
Madness Of Love (6:47)
The Same Thing (6:23)
FF Solo Guitar (8:17)
Tir-Nan-Darag (7:23)
Back Street Slide (4:38)

Night Comes In (7:46)
Quick Sign (2:11)
Suzanne (2:59)
Drumboogie/Not Fade Away (9:37)
Hard Headed Woman (2:42)
Same Old Me (3:40)
When The Spell Is Broken (7:33)
The Devil In The Drain (9:40)
The Calvary Cross (10:10)
Surfin' USA (3:53)

John French
(drums, vocals)
Fred Frith (bass, guitar, vocals)
Henry Kaiser (guitar, vocals)
Richard Thompson (guitar, vocals)



Anonymous said...

Look forward to hearing this. Thanks. W.

Happy '11

Ansina said...

Thanks - I love the FFKT albums and this one must be great.

snakeboy said...

Man, talk about a band that needs to get together for a reunion, this is the one. Thanks for the post.

Unknown said...

Wait--is this entire show available somewhere?

Willard said...

Click the little @192 at the bottom of the post.

Kieran Hart said...

This is brilliant stuff. Tis a pity that it isn't released (commercially of course) in a lossless format.