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THE HENRY KAISER BAND Dark Star - Live At Slims (1988) -Unreleased

The finale of The Henry Kaiser Band's performance at Slims in San Francisco, December, 1988. An hour-long examination of the Grateful Dead's space epic, "Dark Star," with divergent sidetracks and, for this show, a seasonal coda. Around seven minutes into "Dark Star," it sounds like someone cut the ropes tethering the band to any melody, as they float skyward, before quickly returning with a vocal version of the theme. We'll try to post the entire show in the near future. But, until then, give a listen to Kaiser and his pals orbiting the mother of all rock improvs (with apologies to "Interstellar Overdrive").

Dark Star > (20:02
People Don't Change > (11:58)
Dark Star > (28:58)
The Little Drummer Boy (4:06)

Bruce Anderson
(guitar, vocal)
Tom Constanten (keyboards, vocal)
Hilary Hanes (bass, vocal)
John Hanes (drums)
Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Cary Sheldon (vocal)



snakeboy said...

Thanks. Looks like I'm in for quite a ride.

High-hat Beaver Mustache Man said...

How can I download this?

W said...

That little link at the bottom that says "@320"

vishangro said...

Fantastic - looking forward to hearing those extrapolations that HK does so well.
Great Blog.

Mike said...

Hi Willard -- the Mediafire link is dead, and I'd really love to hear the rest of this show. I was lucky to see Henry Kaiser sit in with Tom Constanten at Ashkenaz (or maybe it was the other way around) circa 1989, and it was fantastic. The streaming clip you have up here is wonderful, but I'd love to hear the whole thing. Re-up would be great, if you can swing it. Thanks!

Willard said...

New link up, thanks.

Mike said...

Thank you so much!!!