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HENRY KAISER Under The Ice - Live At 21 Grand (2008) -Unreleased

A unique, live improvisation recorded June 8, 2008 at 21 Grand in Oakland. The occasion was billed as a sneak preview screening celebrating Werner Herzog's Encounters At The End Of The World, which Kaiser produced, partially filmed and provided music for. This performance, over 35 minutes in length, is a live improvisational score, played to deleted underwater scenes from the film. Henry calls it "Under The Ice." The ensemble uniquely combines viola, trombone, sax, contrabass, percussion and guitar - with the horns offering musical suggestions of whales ... and the glassware playing infusing atmospherics of the deep. The continuous piece is split into five parts and comes to us, with thanks, from The Internet Archive.

Under The Ice, Part 1 (7:17) 
Under The Ice, Part 2 (7:46) 
Under The Ice, Part 3 (5:41) 
Under The Ice, Part 4 (8:27) 
Under The Ice, Part 5 (6:41) 

Henry Kaiser (guitar) 
Bruce Ackley (saxophone) 
Jen Baker (trombone) 
Cheryl E. Leonard (glassware, viola) 
Damon Smith (contrabass) 
William Winant (percussion) 


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