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HENRY KAISER & KILLICK Nikola Tesla High School (2012)

Cool, free-form collaboration between guitarists Henry Kaiser and Killick Hinds, ranging from plucky, hunt and peck interplay ("arc") to metallic sheets of raging sound ("hark") to scratchy exercises in random noisemaking ("lark"). The album's centerpiece is the the 29 minute "Lamarck," an extreme mesh of sensibilities that takes on a life of its own. Unlike most noise oriented con-fabs, the guitar work on Nikola Tesla High School exudes an abundance of personality and flavor, as the duo seem to delight in the improvisational interaction and inexplicable back-and-forth, ping-ponging sounds and pure gonzo expression. Killick Hinds is no newcomer, as his Bandcamp page illustrates. You can find an unbelievable number of name-your-price releases (meaning free, if you're the unappreciative sort) filled with pure-bred strangeness from Hinds, his collaborative pals and occasional band configurations (Pocketful Of Claptonite, Crazy Hoarse), not to mention 33 Volumes (count 'em) of Rollicking Liveness. The titles are as much fun as the music, featuring tons of puns and cultural nods; "I Wish My Brother George Was Interviewed," "John Cage Match," Ginger Baker Did Everything Eric Clapton Did, But Backwards And In High Heels. The title for this release comes from the t-shirt Henry was wearing on the back cover of his debut LP, Ice Death. If you're into the unexpected, you'll spend weeks taking in the varied sounds and ideas. Visit Hinds at Bandcamp or YouTube, among other places. Get a hard copy of Nikola Tesla High School at Amazon.

quark (8:33)
arc (4:12)
hark (7:02)
lark (3:49)
Lamarck (29:21)
question mark (4:16)
spark (9:57)
embark (3:11)

Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Killick Hinds (guitar)


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