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HENRY KAISER Ice Death (1977)

Henry Kaiser's debut solo LP, Ice Death, sets the stage admirably for the long and winding career that would follow. Opening with a skewed rendition of Captain Beefheart's "Dali's Car," Kaiser and friends - including John Oswald, Henry Kuntz and Chris Muir - offer a mixed bag of highly energized improv, flings of atonal color and extended free-form experimentation. The 15-1/2 minute "Wind Crystals" is a stand out, and features the always entertaining Eugene Chadbourne on guitar. Delightfully weird, artfully playful and uniquely Henry. The guy is going places.

a) Dali's Car (1:22)
b) From The Heart (3:29)
c) Trio 19 (1:27)
d) Trio 242 (5:00)
e) Ice Death (2:09)
f) Harry The Possum (2:34)
g) Blue Dolphin (10:29)
h) Duo 06 (2:10)

i) Wind Crystals (15:35)
j) Trio SC1 (1:21)
k) Happy Hour (1:39)
l) Trio SC5 (1:41)
m) Duo 07 (1:52)
n) Old Missouri (1:10)
0) Welcome Space Friends (1:25)
p) Victoria B.C. (3:43)
q) Bagpipes (1:11)

Eugene Chadbourne - Acoustic Guitar (i)
Evan Cornog - Electric Guitar (a)
John Gruntfest - Alto Saxophone (h)
Henry Kaiser - Acoustic Guitar (h,i,j,k), Electric Guitar (all other tracks)
Henry Kuntz - Tenor Saxophone (b,c,d,f,g,j,k,l,o)
Loren Means - Trombone (m,o)
Chris Muir - Electric Guitar (q)
John Oswald - Alto Saxophone (b,f,j,k,l,n,p)
Laurel Sprigg - Cello, Voice (c,d,g)


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