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HENRY KAISER Outside Pleasure (1979)
HENRY KAISER Outside Aloha Pleasure (1996)

Subtitled "Solo Electric Guitar," Outside Pleasure is Henry Kaiser's first LP release of solo guitar experiments, recorded live in Berkeley and San Francisco during August of 1979, and issued on Kaiser's own Metalanguage label later that year. In his review for The All Music Guide, Brian Olewnick wrote; "(Kaiser) takes a jagged, relatively harsh and brutal approach on many of these pieces, mitigated somewhat by the faint influence of the music of Captain Beefheart, specifically the various guitarists employed in that band. This underlying affinity to rock (albeit in one of its more extreme incarnations) gives the pieces, all freely improvised, a sense of structure and forward momentum that similar explorations by younger improvisers often lack." While Switzerland's Jazz 360 stated simply, "An esthetic that would give Joe Pass nightmares." This is a vinyl rip of the long out-of-print release, and comes to us courtesy of The Avant Garde Project. The Mp3 version available at Amazon, HERE, comes with two bonus tracks, "Jingle Bells / It Came Upon A Midnight Clear" and "Robert Louis Stevenson."

Outside Pleasure (7:44)
Punctual As Actual (3:20)
The Farmer In Heaven (10:11)
The Stormy Present (7:58)
An Economy Of Scale (1:53)
Aquirax Aida (4:15)
Information Mechanics (6:13)
The Blood At The Back Of The Harp (2:36)

Henry Kaiser (guitar)


In 1996, Henry Kaiser re-visited his 1979 and 1981 Metalanguage LP releases to prepare them for a new, 1996 CD re-issue, entitled Outside Aloha Pleasure. Included on the CD was all of 1979's Outside Pleasure (except for the track, "Punctual As Actual"), along with sides A & B (the solo guitar tracks) found on the 1981 2LP set, Aloha. The All Music Guide's Dean McFarlane summarized Kaiser's improvisational techniques as "textures unknown to the six-string world - or at least scarcely utilized in such a powerful and eloquent manner. Electro-acoustic avant-garde experiments rarely sounded so arresting. Outside Aloha Pleasure is essential listening, a groundbreaking work in improvisation and avant-garde music." These files come to us courtesy of The Avant Garde Project, while the out-of-print CD is currently going for collector's prices at Amazon, HERE.

An Economy Of Scale (1:47)
The Shadow Line (18:44)*
Aquirax Aida (4:09)
The Stormy Present (7:53)
Christmas On Bear Mountain (2:23)*
945 (4:38)*
The Invisible Hand (2:37)*
Information Mechanics (6:04)
What The Dead Men Say (2:31)*
The Empty Set (2:01)*
Outside Pleasure (7:39)
The Farmer In Heaven (10:03)
The Blood At The Back Of The Harp (2:32)
Joaquin (Twenty-Four Eyes) Miller (4:29)*
Recordings originally released on Outside Pleasure (1979), except * originally released on Aloha (1981)

Henry Kaiser (guitar)


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