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YO MILES! Live At The Fillmore - Sept. 1, 2000 - Unreleased

They're not a cover band. Yo Miles!, instead, inhabits the music of Miles Davis, embodying the electrified, free-form spirit of Davis' mad-funk ensembles like no other like-minded artists ever have. It's a tribute, to be sure, but the artistry of those involved, and the genuinely frantic energy of the music, makes Yo Miles! the premiere musical act of its kind. Fronted by trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith and guitarist Henry Kaiser, Yo Miles! has released three official multi-disc sets of unparalleled live recordings paying respect to the music of Miles Davis; 1998's Yo Miles! (HERE), 2004's Sky Garden (HERE) and 2005's Upriver (HERE). This September, 2000 appearance at The Fillmore is an unofficial, unreleased live audience recording, which means the sound is a tad cavernous, but the ominous tone of the music works in its favor, so the sonics are quite tolerable once your ears adjust. Boasting a few half hour plus performances, this 3-1/2 hour show delves into all aspects of Miles' electric genius. We've got another live Fillmore recording from March 4th, 2000 in the archives (HERE). Listen to "Jabali," below.

What I Say (31:51)
Band Introductions (1:53)
Jabali (14:36)
On The Corner Jam (6:09)
Jack Johnson (12:31)
It's About That Time (8:07)
Willie Dixon (6:06)
Shinjuku (10:14)
Mister Toon (9:22)
Bitches Brew (37:54)
Ife (17:53)
Great Expectations (2:44)
Go Ahead John (7:52)
Agharta Funk (9:09)
Tune In 5/One Phone Call (19:29)
Hollywuud/Big Fun (10:36)

Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet)
Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Michael Manring (bass)
Chris Muir (guitar)
Mike Keneally (guitar)
Tom Coster (keyboard)
Greg Osby (alto sax)
John Tchicai (tenor sax)
Steve Smith (drums)
Karl Perazzo (congas)



george said...

Great stuff! Thanks for sharing. I have all their CDs and would love to find these some day!

Willard said...

Download above.