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Live, Love, Larf & Loaf (1987) + Invisible Means (1990)

A strange and unusual supergroup, comprised of John French (Captain Beefheart's Magic Band), Fred Frith (Henry Cow, Massacre, Skeleton Crew), Henry Kaiser (Yo Miles! & hundreds of albums) and Richard Thompson (Fairport Convention). On paper, the union seems unusual, two Brits and two Yanks in a stylistic free-for-all that incorporates the varying characteristics and obsessions of all four individual players. But in reality, these players have crossed paths numerous times over the years, in countless configurations.

Live, Love, Larf & Loaf's "DrumBo Ogie" and "The Same Thing" (a Willie Dixon cover) are CD additions to the original LP release, which, if you're to believe the liner notes, was "previously issued in Borneo, Sumatra and certain Asian territories under the title: Dead Man's Gloom." Invisible Means was produced by Kaiser.

We also have a 1987 unreleased live set from this brief con-fab, entitled Live, Live, Live & Live (HERE). Listen to a couple of Kaiser's compositional contributions to Live, Love, Larf & Loaf and Invisible Means, below, while his guitar playing shines throughout.

Wings À La Mode (Adams/French) (2:42)
Killerman Gold Posse (Thompson) (1:46)
Where's The Money? (Frith) (3:52)
Hai Sai Oji-San (Kina) (2:43)
Drowned Dog Black Night (Thompson) (6:49)
Surfin' USA (Berry) (2:18)
DrumBo ogie (French) (5:03)
A Blind Step Away (Thompson) (5:39)
The Second Time (French/Frith) (3:06)
Tir-Nan-Darag (Kaiser/Thompson) (5:24)
Disposable Thoughts (French) (2:56)
Bird In God's Garden/Lost And Found (Archuletta) (5:43)
The Same Thing (Thompson) (6:57)

Peppermint Rock (Thompson) (3:39)
To The Rain (French) (4:49)
Lizards Tail (Frith) (4:21)
March Of The Cosmetic Surgeons (Thompson) (5:14)
Act I, Scene 2: The clinic of Dr. Krikstein. On a podium, center, Mrs. Ripstock-Geddes is posing as Aphrodite, complete with water jug. Enter left Dr. Krikstein, followed by his students, marching Indian file to the rhythm of the music.
Suzanne (French) (2:58)
Quick Sign (Frith) (3:42)
Begging Bowl (Thompson) (3:22)
Kalo Takariva - Requiem For Maurice Halison (Kaiser) (1:21)
Invisible Means (Adams/French) (5:01)
Loch Lomand (traditional) (4:46)
The Book Of Lost Dreams (Kaiser) (1:50)
Days Of Our Lives (Kaiser/Salazar) (5:16)
The Evening News (French) (3:41)
The Nearsighted Heron (Kasier) (3:28)
Now That I Am Dead (Blair/French) (3:29)
Hunting Sunsets (Frith) (4:16)
The Killing Jar (Thompson) (7:43)

John French (drums, vocals)
Fred Frith (bass, violin, vocals)
Henry Kaiser (guitar, sanshin)
Richard Thompson (guitar, vocals)


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