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HENRY KAISER Nearly Extinct (2016) - New Release Sample

New 2016 CD release from Henry Kaiser and friends, Steve Parker, Damon Smith & Chris Cogburn. The title and artwork of Nearly Extinct refers to languages or methods of improvisation that are either no longer practiced or deemed by some to be "out of style.” The music draws from these traditions, and recombines them in new and kaleidoscopic ways. The various methodologies represented on the CD’s cover map have been studied and grokked by all members of the ensemble, resulting in an improvisational paella of extraordinary juxtapositions and combinations of ideas and sounds - with a wider range than is usually heard in contemporary 21st century free improvisation. Recorded April 3rd, 2015 at Congress House Studio. Hear a sample from the album, "Broome Pearling," below. Get a hard copy at Amazon, HERE.

Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Steve Parker (trombone)
Damon Smith (amplified double bass)
Chris Cogburn (drums and percussion)

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