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HENRY KAISER & KILLICK HINDS Xenosynchronicity II (2016)

Xenosynchronicity II from Henry Kaiser and Killick Hinds, their second meeting of the minds and fingers. You can still find their first, 2012's Nikola Tesla High School (HERE) in the archives. Hear the duo's latest collaboration below, and/or score a download from the Bandcamp player (on a name you price basis: meaning free, if you're that type). Here's the scoop on the new album, straight from Killick himself... "Four years since our last duo album, Henry Kaiser and I have each been quite prolific with our individual musical output during this interval. Filled with tons of inspiration to share, the stars aligned for us to work together again; we agreed we should not make Nikola Tesla High School 2. (Though we both love "1.") So the Etch-A-Sketch was shaken empty, and a process developed to guide us through uncharted multiverses. Powered by kombucha and homemade quesadillas we played prismatic textures and moods, reflecting unabashed (ir)reverence for the styles and stylings of the greats, and for the guitar itself, simply strings tensioned across a board, but so, so much more. This was a very fun session sparklingly translated to 1s and 0s by our ears and heart Sandor. Please enjoy and thanks for listening."

small and previously unacknowledged (6:11)
i saw it with my own four hands (4:52)
our landlocked lady of plexico (5:12)
harmelodic oversauce (4:12)
many moons a go-go (7:16)
xenosynchronicity II (3:51)
one atom time (3:19)
i'm with stupendous (5:13)
angler quails (4:30)
xenosynchronicity I (4:10)
blink page (2:09)
still with dots (1:25)

Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Killick Hinds (guitar)

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